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Smooth Operation: Programmatic Approach to Nature Conservation in Siberia

Date of publication: 16 November 2021

Transneft East has examined some 2,500 samples of water, soil, atmospheric air and industrial emissions at its facilities.

Pictured: a lab assistant

No excess found. Transneft East has examined some 2,500 samples of water, soil, atmospheric air and industrial emissions at its facilities. The test results confirm that the maximum permissible concentrations of the controlled substances are strictly within the norm. The company has reviewed its environmental performance for the nine months of this year. This is reported by the IrkutskMedia news agency with reference to the company’s press service.

The laboratory of environmental and analytical control at the Tayshet initial oil pumping station carries out production supervision of oil transportation facilities in North Russia.

“This year, we've tested 1,745 samples in-house: 396 air samples, 922 water samples and 427 land samples. Our laboratory has accreditation and relies on hi-tech equipment. We use a gas chromatographer, a photoelectric colorimeter and various new-generation gas sensors. These are modern homemade devices. They allow specialists to carry out a wide range of tests,” says Yulia Zakharchenko, Head of the laboratory.

Laboratory staff do a daily analysis of potable water as well as wastewaters treated at discharge points, both upstream and downstream. Atmospheric air along the boundaries of the sanitary protection zone as well as industrial emissions from boiler plants are also subject to monitoring. The quality of water and bottom deposits at underwater crossings of oil trunk pipelines is checked three times a year at the cross-section – during the spring flood recession, the high flow and before the freeze-up.

During the nine months of 2021, the company has examined more than 9,000 samples of atmospheric air, soil, surface and groundwaters. Such inspections are part of comprehensive environment conservation efforts made by Transneft East. The environmental aspect of operational activity is a matter of utmost importance for oil transportation professionals.

During the reporting period, the Irkutsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) underwent an unscheduled inspection by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource (Rosprirodnadzor). Representatives of the Yenisei Interregional Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor confirmed that the environment protection requirements established by the Russian law are being satisfied at the facilities,” says Evgeny Borodavkin, Deputy Head of the Environmental Safety and Rational Nature Management Section at Transneft East.

He told that the company has financed the release of over 46,000 grayling, pelyad (northern whitefish) and wild carp juveniles into reservoirs of the Irkutsk Region, as part of the corporate biodiversity conservation programme in the vicinity of Transneft facilities.

On the photo: fish juveniles

To increase the level of environmental responsibility of its employees, Transneft East conducts environmental actions on a regular basis. All employees are very enthusiastic about them. Volunteers among oil transportation workers clean public areas, collect waste paper and help animal shelters. The company's specialists have cleaned the banks of the Kitoy, Uda, Kimiltey and Chuna Rivers from litter, installed birdhouses, nest boxes, log hives and squirrel feeders in the woodland of Zalarinsky forestry and in the territory of Bratskoye Vzmorye sanatorium.

On the photo: a feed pan

“I always take my four children with me every time I take part in such eco-actions. It is important for children not only to tidy up recreation areas, plant trees, help animals and birds, but also to know that their parents work at an enterprise where Siberian nature is taken care of in deed,” said Aleksey Korobov, senior dispatcher at Transneft East.

Since the beginning of 2021, Transneft East has allocated more than RUB 35 million for implementing a set of environmental protection measures.

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