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Alley of Friendship and Help

Date of publication: 16 September 2021

Evergreen conifer trees bring now joy to patients and doctors as they make the air cleaner

Each of us can gradually change the world for the better by planting a tree or sharing your warmth with someone who badly needs it.

Our editorial board together with Transneft gave the little patients of Children’s Clinical Hospital in Nizhny Novgorod hope so they can smile again, believe in good things and take one more step towards recovery.

We Come to You with Gifts!

On a sunny autumn day, the editors of AiF-Nizhny Novgorod Weekly visited the regional Children’s Clinical Hospital in Nizhny Novgorod accompanied by young professionals from Transneft Upper Volga. They all brought plenty of gifts with them.

In the year of Nizhny Novgorod’s 800th anniversary, Transneft Upper Volga celebrates its 45th anniversary. Hence the name of this action timed to the Company’s birthday: 45 Good Deeds. During the two months, more than a thousand employees from different regions of the Company's operation have taken part in this campaign, with around 500 people receiving targeted aid. Now it’s time for good deeds for the little patients at the children’s regional clinic.

Toys and arts and crafts kits will help children in their recovery journey

Life goes on, and even after falling seriously ill these children continue their studies with school teachers at the hospital, make handicrafts under the guidance of adults in their spare time, some kids like to draw... Employees of AiF’s Nizhny Novgorod office and the Company’s rookies invested their own money to buy stationery, arts and crafts kits, colorful toys and learning games for the children.

“Our Company contributes to the development of each of the 14 Russian regions where we operate: we don’t just work, we live in these territories and understand their problems,” said Deputy Director General of Transneft Upper Volga Andrey Ostashkin at the gift-giving ceremony. “We’ve been supporting the children's regional hospital for more than six years already. I hope that due to our good deeds, it will be more comfortable for the kids to undergo their treatment and for the doctors to work.”

This health centre will soon undergo an overhaul, with nearly RUB 2 billion allocated for this renovation. Transneft Upper Volga is ready to back up the doctors and contribute to the clinic’s transformation.

“We all want young patients to get well as quickly as possible and doctors to feel more comfortable doing their most important job,” knows Olga Morozova, Chief Editor of AiF-Nizhny Novgorod. “We are happy to help these people, together with our reliable partners. We are always open to your new proposals!”

Braveness Box

Doctors and nurses accepted our gifts for little patients in the hospital lobby — the children can’t do it, they are receiving treatment... But we were greeted by a small exhibition of children's drawings dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod. Despite being ill, the kids see the world around them in bright colours: here's the Kremlin, the embankment, the Chkalov Stairs, even the famous Nizhny Novgorod sunset admired by cute little kittens, of course. We hope our gifts help these boys and girls create even more beautiful artworks.

As a memento of the action, Elena Guryeva, Acting Chief Physician of the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital, gifted Mr Ostashkin and Ms Morozova touching handicrafts made by young patients of the oncology department. This is how grateful the little ones are to the adults for their acts of kindness.

“Apart from treating children, the medical staff try to make them as comfortable as possible within the hospital walls,” said Guryeva. “Unfortunately, they cannot always afford this. We recently celebrated the Knowledge Day; our patients continue their studies, and gifts like these will certainly help them. We hope our collaboration with the philanthropists will go on.”

The action participants also brought several “braveness boxes” to the clinic. The boxes filled with small toys can be found in each bandaging and procedure unit.

“Medical procedures are sometimes painful, and the kids have to be patient. “As a reward for their courage, children can choose something from the Braveness Box: a small ball or a note pad, a doll or toy car,” explains Yulia Zhukova, a senior nurse of the oncology department. “From then on our patients come to the treatment room with more courage as they anticipate a gift.  This small joy brings positive emotions and facilitates their recovery.”

Leading the Way

Then it was time to work with shovels and rakes. In the year of its 45th anniversary, the Company focuses on backing up environmental programmes. Young professionals and journalists joined their hands to plant an alley of thuja trees near the children's clinic. Now patients and doctors will admire beautiful evergreen conifers which will also make the air cleaner. The Alley of Friendship and Help will be a pledge of new good deeds.

“I am glad to work for the company that enables me to get involved in charity,” says Darya Shumilova, Economist at Transneft Upper Volga. “I bought paints, coloured paper and modelling clay using my own funds, to make the kids a bit happier. You needn’t wait for someone to solve all the problems for you. Just lead the way!”

Deputy Chairman of the Company’s Young Professionals Council Semyon Yaptev says that charity is an important part of the corporate employee involvement programme.

“We clean up at the orphanage under our patronage, collect food for animal shelters, conduct voluntary litter picks, participate in excavations at the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War,” says Yaptev. “I believe that not only a large company, but each of its employees should have a strong social attitude — do good and share with those in need.”

Good deeds are part of the corporate employee involvement programme

The One-Millionth Seedling

In addition to the Alley of Friendship and Help near the Regional Children's Hospital in Nizhny, during the anniversary year for Transneft Upper Volga green plantations have cropped up in all regions of the Company's operation: at production facilities and adjacent sites, socially important territories and areas of the Timber Fund.

“In total, our young professionals have planted pine and spruce seedlings on a total area of more than 200 hectares in the Surgut – Polotsk oil trunk pipeline’s revamping area during 2020 and 2021. In September 2021, the millionth seedling has been planted,” said Angelina Bakka, the Company’s Lead Environmental Engineer. “We recently picked litter and household waste in the coastal area of Silikatny Lake in the Leninsky area of Nizhny Novgorod. Overall, our volunteers collected more than 1,100 plastic, glass and aluminum cans and bottles, over 170 plastic containers and tetrahedral packages, along with glass and cellophane. A total of 65 bags of rubbish were collected.”

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