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Under Wing of Chernomortransneft: Big Help from Big Company

Date of publication: 30 August 2021

On the eve of the International Charity Day on 5 September 2021, Chernomortransneft reviewed preliminary results of its social effort. The list looks impressive.

“Let’s Get the Child Ready for School” – this campaign that has already become an annual event for Chernomortransneft was held again on the eve of 1 September 2021. More than 50 children living in poverty received everything they needed to start school: stationery, backpacks, school uniforms and shoes. All those things were purchased on the money raised by employees of the Tikhoretsk and Krasnodar Regional Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorates of Sheskharis Transshipment Complex – a production service shop (PSS).

The company's employees donated school supplies to children from low-income families, those with many children and orphans. Similar aid was delivered to pupils of the boarding school in Parkovy Settlement, Tikhoretsk District.

The school event is only a part of Transneft's big volunteer movement, Chernomortransneft being the subsidiary. More than two thousand employees of Chernomortransneft voluntarily give "tithes" to help those in need on a regular basis. This summer, employees of Chernomortransneft have collected clothes, shoes, toys, personal hygiene products and food for children from disadvantaged families registered with the Krasnodar Social Security Directorate.

This year alone, employees of the Krasnodar ROTPD have donated blood as many as five times. In addition, ongoing financial support is provided for the animal shelter in Chernomorsky township of Seversky District in Krasnodar Territory.

Socially responsible events of Chernomortransneft are well-known. Thus, six Lada Niva autos were recently donated by Chernomortransneft to hospitals in the four regions where the company operates.

In a festive atmosphere, Deputy Director General of Chernomortransneft Aleksandr Sadykov handed the keys to these cross-country vehicles to the heads of medical institutions in Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Rostov Region and the Republic of Daghestan. Lada-Niva vehicles which can drive through mountainous and woody terrain arrived at the garages of the central hospitals in the cities of Kaspiysk, Georgievsk and Tikhoretsk, Kushchevskaya township and Afipsky settlement in Krasnodar Territory; large commercial settlement Rodionovo-Nesvetayskaya in Rostov Region. Patients who live in hard-to-reach areas will now be able to get medical help quickly.

Chernomortransneft has already prepared documents for the purchase of another vehicle and equipment for a surgery room at the Novorossiysk Clinical Centre of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia. Till the end of 2021, Novorossiysk's largest medical centre will be donated an UAZ-396295 ambulance, an ultrasound machine, a device for galvanisation and medicinal electrophoresis for treating nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases.

These are not the first big gifts of Chernomortransneft to medical institutions in South Russia. Just in the previous year 2020, the company bought sophisticated medical equipment for several hospitals at one time. City hospitals in Apsheronsk, Tikhoretsk, Kushchevskaya township and Rodionovo-Nesvetayskaya commercial settlement received lung ventilator for the treatment of severe pneumonia cases.

 The company also handed over a large batch of protective respirators, gloves, medicines and first aid consumables. The ambulance station of Novorossiysk Isolation Hospital and the central hospital in Tarasovsky District of Rostov Region received this equipment.

This is just a part of Chernomortransneft's great charitable effort to develop infrastructure in the regions where the company operates and to help socially disadvantaged citizens. Thus, after the disastrous flood in 2012, Chernomortransneft financed restoration and rebuilding of a secondary school and a nursery school in the city of Krymsk. Residents of rundown multi-family houses in the Grushovaya Balka suburban settlement were resettled to 45 new comfortable flats in Novorossiysk. The company also equipped modern children's playgrounds in densely populated areas of Novorossiysk.

And in 2014, the company restored a crumbling bridge over the river in Durso settlement not far from Novorossiysk with its own money. In 2015, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, memorials and monuments to hero soldiers were restored in the towns where the company operates. Chernomortransneft's workers made personal donations to help the company's retirees – veterans of the Great Patriotic War, concentration camp prisoners, home front workers and equal-status persons. This volunteer effort was backed by 2,747 employees of the company.

Chernomortransneft also aspires to make the working conditions as comfortable as possible for all of its personnel. Employees and their children are reimbursed for the purchase of spa vouchers. The company provides interest-free loans for those in need of buying a home or apartment. Members of the company's Veterans' Council receive a monthly supplement to their pensions and bonus supplements dated to public holidays.

This and other support – financial aid for medical treatment and the purchase of medicines to financially challenged employees or in case of natural disasters – is stipulated by the Labour Contract. – The company's employees and retirees may count on extra compensations and financial assistance as a social security benefit. All employees are entitled to partial reimbursement of their membership fees in sports clubs, swimming pools and sports groups.

All of this makes Chernomortransneft one of the paragons of social responsibility among the enterprises of South Russia. The company is facing the year 2022 with confidence, given that the Russian government plans to declare it the Year of Charity in Russia.

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