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Hitting 300 Million!

Date of publication: 1 July 2021

Kozmino Oil Port, the youngest oil terminal in Russia located in the Gulf of Nakhodka, hits the next production milestone. Having evolved into Russia’s east gate to ATP energy markets, the port transshipped over 300 million tonnes of crude oil in 12 years.

Anniversary Indicators

The port is a terminal point of the large-scale Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil transportation project. Literally during the initial years of its existence, the oil terminal became one of the Primorye economy driving forces.

This is where the crude’s overland travel ends. At the port, the black gold is loaded onto tankers observing all environmental safety measures.

The delivery destinations cover the entire Asia-Pacific Region. China accounts for 56.2% of all transshipped crude; Japan – for 17.8%, South Korea – for 9%. Yet the anniversary 300th million tonne went to the US. It was loaded on board by the Sea Partner tanker, the 2980th oil tanker loaded at the Kozmino Port since the beginning of its operation.

It takes about 14 hours to load a 100,000-tonne tanker on average, with most oil transshipment operations being automated here. The port was built using the state-of-the-art technologies to ensure uninterrupted and, most importantly, accident-free operations. Last year, the port proved once again its compliance with the international environmental, energy and occupational health standards.

Number One Value

The Company’s employees should above all be given credits for these impressive production results. So, personnel training is of utmost importance. They start training future specialists pretty much from the school bench. Kozmino Oil Port has long been patronising School No. 18 in Vrangel Settlement as part of career guidance for more than five years already. This collaboration is aimed at motivating students to receive education in the areas that are relevant to and that are in demand in the oil transportation industry. The outfitting of exact science classrooms is aiding this purpose. Along with that, the educational tours are regularly held for schoolchildren who also get practical assistance in schoolwork’s projects preparation.

In the school year 2020–2021, two schools in Nakhodka, No. 12 and No. 20, have received renovated and outfitted physics, chemistry and mathematics classrooms provided by the Company. The implementation of the corporate programme is also aimed at training qualified personnel for the region.

The Company also provides targeted training to young people in industry-specific colleges in the fields of Oil and Gas Business, Processes and Production Line Automation. However, the graduates of industry-specific colleges and universities get to know the port long before they get their diploma. Here interns are always welcomed. Their mentors are professional instructors assisting in adaptation – engineers, heads of business units and foremen.

The corporate personnel training programme allows young people to master modern trades currently in high demand while the Company can employ qualified professionals who have studied all operations down to the smallest cog.

This approach pays off. The employees of Transneft Kozmino Port properly represent the Company in professional skill competitions. Electric fitter Yuri Ignatov won the second prize at the regional stage of the Best in Profession contest recently held in Khabarovsk. Among the best in their categories in Russia’s Far East is an instrumentation and automation fitter Nikolay Ubinin, a processing units repairman Sergey Gribkov, as well as an electric and gas welder Aleksey Kovalchuk.

Director General of the oil port Denis Cheplyansky says that the astounding production success would have been impossible to achieve without a wonderful team – the team that feels it is cared for by the large Company.

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