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Best of Its Kind

Date of publication: 20 May 2021

Employees of Transneft Siberia demonstrate their knowledge and skills not only at their workplaces, but also at the Best in Profession contest. The other day the second stage of labor competitions has been completed.

Craftsmanship, Gift, and Experience

The event involved 124 contestants: winners of the first stage previously held in business units of Transneft Siberia from Novy Urengoy (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area) to Tyumen. The Company’s field-specific professionals took part in the competitions. Among them were electric and gas welders, electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitters, petroleum products pumping station operators, petroleum products loading operators, truck drivers, instrumentation and automation fitters, processing units repairmen, chemical analysis laboratory assistants, commodity loading operators, line pipeliners and excavator operators, security officers. The skills of the participants were assessed by chief specialists from the central executive office of Transneft Siberia.

The participants must know by heart all regulatory documents, technological processes and professional terminology and must be able to perform all operations fast and in exact sequence.

Thus, a commodity loading operator measured crude oil volumes in the tank using a trifunctional tape-measure, as well as the level of bottom water and temperature while taking point samples.

“Working with the tank is one of the most intricate tasks. It requires perfect physical training in addition to professional expertise. We cope with the tasks, having ample practical experience. I’ve been working at the Company for nine years. For the third time I decided to try myself in the contest. You keep preparing for it during the whole year anyway. You feel some extra confidence in your ability as you realize the importance and prestige of the chosen trade,” said Alexandra Telegina, commodity loading operator from Nizhnevartovsk Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorate (OTPD).

Denis Schneider, a pipeliner from the Specialised Directorate for Emergency Prevention and Response (SDEPR), is not a beginner in his profession either. He’s been participating in the context since 2015 and has repeatedly been recognised as the best. He assured that in order to win, it’s important to thoroughly study regulatory documents and to practice certain actions until they become second nature, in order to spend as little time on them as possible.

There are no minor or irrelevant things when you do contest assignments. Points can be deducted for the slightest neglect of occupational health rules. Focus on detail and love for order are typical of all business units of Transneft Siberia. Strict regulation of all operating processes, order at workplaces and in industrial premises is the branded style of oil pipeliners. Given plentiful hazards, carelessness is inadmissible.

Valuable Qualities

You could not take your eyes off the truck drivers as they were crossing the zone of 12 obstacles or hurdles. Some made amazing stunts and tricks at sharp turns - what a spectacle watching them carry over a ring from one post to another, as they were driving their heavy-duty KAMAZ trucks!

“The main thing is to feel your truck and perceive it like it were a living thing, not a piece of metal. Then you’ll do great,” reasoned Nikolay Manyatovsky, a truck driver from the Noyabrsk OTPD. Nikolay has a driving track experience of nearly 30 years. His occupation is a way of life for him, so he cannot imagine himself doing anything else. “Today I’ve failed to establish full contact with my truck; hence several red flags were shown by the referee. Well, that’s what a contest is about. Everyone cannot be a winner here... Yes, I celebrated several victories in previous years. It is my fourth time participating. Once I was second at the second stage. This time the track is really challenging, but that’s why it’s so intriguing, whether you can pass it or not. Difficulties only add to the thrill which is an integral feature of any competition.

As for security officers, one of the most valuable characteristics for them at the contest is the power of observation. It is necessary to identify traces of illegal tappings into the pipeline on the line part. These could be left gloves, electrodes, trap cameras, hidden tunnels... Contestants have only five minutes to complete their assignment.

“Our security personnel must have many skills,” highlights Sergey Baydurov, Deputy Head of Security Directorate at Transneft Siberia. “Transneft Siberia’s line part includes more than 9,000 km of oil pipelines. It’s important to preclude illegal interference in the operation of the oil pipeline in the form of tapping. The mobile squad’s challenge is to spot these illegal tappings in order to prevent crude oil thefts.

Workers also showcased their theoretical prowess at the contest: their knowledge of all regulations and laws pertaining to security activities, the use of arms, physical force and special appliances, their ability to draw administrative protocols and fault certificates.

...Even at hi-tech enterprises outfitted with the most advanced equipment, a person remains the key asset. The success of the entire production process depends on personnel’s skills, craftsmanship and the desire to continue development and to be best in their trade. The employees of Transneft understand it perfectly well; that’s why the Best in Profession contest is held every year: this is where representatives of various blue-collar professions can exchange experience and enhance their motivation to hone their professional skills.

The winners of the second stage of the Best in Professional contest will represent Transneft Siberia in the contest at the nationwide level of Transneft, which will be held in August 2021 in Tyumen.

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