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Learn by Doing

Date of publication: 21 April 2021

The Best Way of Learning Is by Doing

The Oil Port Administration Is Attentive to Young Specialists

The oil terminal in Kozmino is celebrating the twelfth anniversary of its operations this year, being a young company by any standard. And not only because it was established a relatively short time ago. A quarter of its staff are young specialists no older than 35.

How to Train Personnel

The port employs college and university graduates. Their mentors are professional instructors - engineers, heads of business units and foremen assist in their adaptation. Yet the young talents have to master the fundamentals of their chosen trade long before they get their graduation certificates. Therefore, future employees start getting acquainted with the operations already during their on-the-job training.

This spring, students of the Tyumen Oil Pipeline Professional College had their first hands-on training at the site of their future employment in Kozmino Oil Port. This opportunity is possible due to a corporate personnel target training programme for students getting secondary vocational education. Within this programme, a tripartite agreement is concluded between the student, the educational institution and the company. This agreement guarantees future employment of a graduate by the company that gets him or her into a trade programme. In the future, they will work at the operating facilities of Kozmino Port.

“On-the job training is an important stage in preparing a skilled workforce for oil pipeline companies,” explains Head of the Human Resources Section at Transneft Kozmino Port Olga Kondrashova. “During this time, students gain their first experience and master the main skills of handling technological equipment at an operating facility.”

Safety First

The oil port will become a starting point for vocational education of the Tyumen College graduates. At Kozmino, students will intern in two trades: Electrician for Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, as well as Instrumentation and Automation Fitter. Young specialists who have arrived from the national oil and gas capital are already beginning to master the basics of their trade at operating facilities to be prepared for the real operational environment. This radically cuts the time for adaptation after the graduation.

For three months, students will learn a lot about the terminal’s operations and will try to grasp the process of crude oil transportation and loading onto sea vessels. The experience they gain may become the basis of their term or graduation papers. They will then get back to studies, and later this autumn, after passing the exams and being awarded their diplomas, they will be employed at Kozmino Port.

Modern Approach

In addition to honing their skills at real workplaces, interns get acquainted with the specifics of safe processes. On the example of Kozmino Port lying in a scenic bay of the Sea of Japan, students are told about how the environmental standards are met at a hazardous facility, and how environment protection activities are carried out.

Igor Elkis, a student of the oil pipeline college, is mastering the trade of instrumentation and automation fitter.

“For me, a trip to Nakhodka is a good start,” says a native of Tyumen. “Production automation today is a promising industry and working for such a large company has clear advantages, especially because we were dreaming of employment in the Transneft system. In Kozmino Port, I visited an operating facility for the first time in my life. Here they have a very powerful equipment, state-of-the-art machinery – this is surely very impressive. We’re already taking a close look at the processes going on at the berth. For instance, we are now watching the work of engineers, their main task being the routine inspection of all process pipelines, conducted once in ten years. I believe we drew a lucky ticket given that we can see such rare works with our own eyes.”

Igor adds that he was very much impressed by regional nature. “I saw a sea for the first time in my life. Now I understand why Nakhodka is described as the ocean gates of Russia in the Far East. You have the pleasure to witness unique nature in Primorye Territory: volcanic hills, boreal forest, beautiful bays and islands. What an amazing scenery!”

Theory and Practice

Now future employees are working on probation in the port under the supervision of Denis Tishin, section foreman for operation of automation equipment and telemetry of onshore and berthing facilities. Like many of his other young and talented colleagues, Denis found himself in Kozmino Port immediately after graduation from the university. According to him, mentoring and coaching at workplaces is needed for students to go deep into production processes, to connect theory taught in educational institutions to practice, and to understand better the company’s organisational structure.

In the meantime, the Company creates other attractive conditions for future engineers and workers. Already at the stage of internship, students are imbued with corporate culture. They are provided with overalls, personal protective equipment and even housing is offered if needed to students enrolled in the target programme. Since the beginning of operations at Kozmino oil port in 2009, 150 students have had internship at its operating facilities. These are graduates of the Far Eastern Federal University, Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, Tyumen Oil Pipeline Professional College, Pacific National University, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Maritime State University named after Admiral G.I. Nevelsky, Siberian Federal University, Nakhodka State Humanitarian Polytechnic College.

On a related note

Kozmino oil port is one of the largest employers in Primorye Territory. About 900 people are employed here now with 93% of them being residents of Far Eastern Federal District; 439 employees have higher education. The company’s policy towards the personnel is aimed at preservation and retainment of experienced workers. As regards the main requirements laid on candidates by Kozmino oil port, the key criteria is the willingness to work.

150 students have successfully worked on probation in the port.

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