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No Limit to Perfection

Date of publication: 15 April 2021

Transneft East enhances its energy efficiency.

Using innovations in energy savings is an important tool for increasing the technological energy efficiency of large companies. Intelligent savings are based on consistency and on following the popular principle “take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”.

The facilities of Transneft East are outfitted with state-of-the-art energy saving equipment

How to save wisely in manufacturing environments? How to set priorities and figure the terms? Despite the seemingly plain mechanism, this is not an easy matter, with stable production and safety being the cornerstone.

Transneft East uses a balanced approach to saving. It is guided by a special programme of energy efficiency enhancement that has been at work since 2011.

In the first quarter the Company saved RUB 15 million, with energy efficiency of production on the rise.

The opinion of the international auditor KPMG confirms the soundness of the strategy chosen by Transneft: the specific energy consumption in oil transportation is one of the lowest among global pipeline companies. This performance results from process optimisation. They figure and use flexible oil transportation regimes ensuring a smooth start and shutdown of pumps and electric motors, which reduces energy costs and preserves the production resource of the technology base. The facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art energy saving equipment.

Among the effective solutions implemented by oil pipeliners are regular cleaning of the inner walls of pipelines from paraffin (wax) and installation of mud trap filters. This reduces crude oil resistance inside the pipe and cuts the energy costs in oil transportation. Due to this measure, Transneft East has saved more than RUB 4 million since the beginning of the year.

Timely equipment repair backs the optimal operational regime while the equipment upgrading and the substitution of models with enhanced energy saving performance comply with strictest international criteria. In the first quarter, electric motors of mainline pumps were overhauled at the PS No. 17 Aldan and the PS No. 10 Talakan. They keep installing modern-day LED lighting at their facilities. As a result, energy consumption went down by 2 million kW/h in the first quarter, which means RUB 7.5 million saved.

A special emphasis is placed on the efficiency of heat supply to the facilities. Given the severe weather conditions in the area where the ESPO pipeline is laid, this is one of the main items of expenditure. Hence customised heat supply stations with thermostatic regulators are installed at PSs, whereas the system of temperature regulation in production facilities allows changing the operational environment at all sections from a single centre, depending on the needs, weather conditions and time of the day.

Under the energy saving programme, the upgrading of Transneft East’s vehicle fleet continues. Nearly 1,500 vehicles are equipped with a GLONASS system which enables traffic operators to keep track of their movements, fuel consumption and operating regimes, build most cost-effective routes. Traffic logistics saved 17.8 tonnes of oil equivalent from January to March, which is nearly half a million rubles.

“Oil transportation requires plenty of energy, so building a maximally effective operating model is extremely important. Given the huge volumes of transported crude, even insignificant savings turn into millions of rubles important both for subnational and national economy,” said Director General of Transneft East Aleksandr Puzikov.

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