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Protection under Routine Operation

Date of publication: 27 January 2021

Ensuring Safety at Oil Transportation and Storage Facilities in Kuban.

2020 was the Year of Industrial Safety and Control for Transneft subsidiaries including Chernomortransneft.

Employees of emergency and rescue business units of Chernomortransneft are ready for any emergency.

Emergency Response Drills

The bedrock of effective operations by any enterprise is personnel training, mastering skills and technical upgrading. The employees of Chernomortransneft’s rescue business units are ready to respond to any emergency due to ongoing emergency response drills conducted both on the ground and on the water.

This is a true special operation with up to 200 people, floating craft, helicopters and drones involved. When a dispatcher receives information about a simulated emergency, employees of several business units immediately arrive at a designated site. While some sample soil and water, others set up booms at the so-called boundaries. Thereafter they start collecting simulated crude oil and loading it into temporary storage tanks.

Overall, the oil pipeliners conducted 38 large-scale response drills last year, including four on the sea. They drilled prompt notification of officials and oversight bodies of an “accident”, delivery of experts and vehicles to the site of recovery works.

Fortunately, no emergencies have ever occurred at the oil pipelines of Chernomortransneft, thanks to a high level of safety at its facilities; nevertheless, the Company’s employees are ready to work promptly and function as a crew in any situation. This has been confirmed during numerous drills; they did their job in quick time, keeping within the deadlines.

Knowledge Assessment

Last year, due to the challenging epidemiological situation, the Company’s personnel partly switched to remote operations; however, the employees of operational divisions and those on duty are always on-site. Surely all sanitary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection are taken; personal protective equipment is used and disinfectants are always available. Operational activities are ongoing and specialists of Chernomortransneft keep raising the level of their skills, passing certification in the field of industrial safety. In 2020, drills were used remotely.

The Company’s computer equipment is connected to Rostekhnadzor’s unified resource for testing in industrial safety. This resource is used to test managers and specialists in charge of construction and operation of hazardous facilities. In 2020, Chernomortransneft’s employees successfully passed exams for the knowledge of general industrial safety requirements, operation of petroleum products storage facilities, oil trunk pipelines, heat-transfer materials and other engineering infrastructure. Their knowledge of design, construction, revamping and overhaul of oil and gas industrial facilities is also tested.

Upgrading and Renewal

Another important aspect is technical upgrading. Last year, the automated process control systems with an expired period of use in service, defined by the manufacturer, were replaced at several oil pumping stations (PSs). The new upgraded equipment ensures automated protection and blocking of the PS operation, automatic adjustment of pressure and links with other safety systems. All of the above-listed new features markedly enhance operational reliability, reducing the number of equipment fails.

At the concluding stage, the upgrading of the Grushovaya tank farm at the Sheskharis transshipment complex (TC) takes place. This refers to the construction of new vertical steel containers in place of ferroconcrete ones.

Crude oil and petroleum products are delivered to the storage tanks of the Grushovaya industrial site over the Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk-1,2,3 and the Krymsk – Grushovaya oil trunk pipelines, as well as by railway transport via Transneft Terminal’s loading/unloading racks. As compared to the second operating facility Sheskharis, Grushovaya bears the main transshipment load due to availability of large crude oil and petroleum products storage tanks there, so its upgrading is among the top priorities for the oil pipeliners.

The operations of Transneft subsidiaries in the sphere of industrial safety are annually reviewed, the best evidence to its efficiency being the fact that all the facilities of Chernomortransneft functioned in a routine regime in 2020, without any censure from supervisory authorities.

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