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Caring for Future. Transneft Supports Schools: How?

Date of publication: 24 September 2020

This September is special for pupils from Yantal community of Ust-Kut District: they started taking classes at the renovated school. This summer, the gym changed beyond recognition, with new equipment installed; the locker rooms and coach room were put in order.

Utilities and the lighting system were also reconstructed in Yantal school. That was a gift made towards the new schoolyear for pupils and teachers by Transneft that allocated RUB 9 million within its corporate charity programme for upgrading of the institution. Another RUB 16 million were invested by the oil pipeliners into the repair of School No. 3 in Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsk and the construction of modular bathrooms in Zamzor (Nizhneudinsk district) and Karymsk (Kuytunsk district) settlements.

Studying Without Queues

This is hardly a common schoolyear: children are studying under the pandemic, consequently, each school must have anti-coronavirus equipment including non-contact thermometers used to check both pupils and teachers at the entrance. The oil pipeliners decided to buy modern high-precision thermometry sets for six schools in Energetik area of Bratsk for checking temperature.

According to Igor Olekminsky, Head of Education Department at the administration of the region’s northern capital, the first advantage of such sets is their precision: they exclude the risk of letting a person with elevated body temperature into the institution.  The second upside is speed: school administrators do not need to spend a minute on individual scanning of each pupil. Schoolchildren are simply passing by in a flow as a thermometer brings out the temperature of each to a display. This saves a lot of time and there are no queues at the entrance.

According to Mr. Olekminsky, the Company is very active in supporting the system of education in Bratsk. One of the most large-scale projects launched this year is creating an up-to-date technology classroom for Lyceum No. 1.

“The lyceum has no shop class of its own, so these classes were taught for pupils in other schools of the city. This is certainly very inconvenient. An idea started up to create a specialised shop class at the premises of Bratsk State University (BSU) for this subject to be taught to schoolchildren by a university professor using the capabilities of the labs available in BSU. We’ll get a modern school-university facility as a result, which will probably make it easier for boys and girls to choose their future profession,” says Mr. Olekminsky.

More than a million rubles will be invested in the shop class equipment: among other things, up-to-date machines, an interactive board and comfortable desks.
Not only will boys be preoccupied with technology in a classic sense; they will get to know robotics as well, for their technological education to be complete.

As a matter of fact, this year, Bratsk School No. 18 has received support from the oil pipeliners to equip shop class, while School No. 45 was assisted with a robotics class.

Feeling Warmth of Hearts

The oil pipeliners do not only help whole schools, but also allocate targeted support for kids in need. They handed more than 350 stationery kits to pupils from large, low-income families as well as from families in a difficult situation and to children who are left without mums and dads.

Director of Social Services Office for Bratsk District Lyudmila Zalitsaeva says that Transneft East has been backing the Schoolbag action for six years already.

“We have many families in need in the district. We are pleased to know that the Company never denies us help and we are very grateful to its employees for it! A gift which a child gets is not just about copybooks, albums and pencils, this is also an opportunity to feel the kindness and care of many hearts. It’s very important for each child to be aware while growing up that they are wanted and cared for,” says Ms. Zalitsaeva.

In her words, they always try to turn the handing of “schoolbags” into a holiday and even the wicked virus was unable to wreck it this year. Observing safety precautions, the kids were handed gifts in Pokosnoye settlement. Other kits will be awarded to children later, on the Father’s Day. Stationery will then be presented to kids brought up by their dads alone.

On a Related Note

Sports is another area that is never neglected by the oil pipeliners. Support is provided to basketball and volleyball players, chess lovers and other sportsmen. More than 10 sport organisations of Bratsk received target financing both last and this year to buy prizes for children’s and adult competitions.

According to Mikhail Parshin, a representative of the Bratsk Football Association and organiser of tournaments, players used to donate money to buy cups for winners before, which was very wrong.  Now a deserved prize is a true gift.

In their charitable activities the pipeliners prioritise help to those who teach, train, bring up and treat. In addressing this social challenge, the industrialists help regions in the most important area – nurturing and preservation of human capital.

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