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Court Condemns Clandestine Oil Pipeline Construction in Moscow

Date of publication: 7 September 2020

Lyublino District Court of Moscow passed a sentence against three citizens for building the clandestine oil pipeline and stealing fuel. The hearing of such a case in the capital is unusual. Illegal taps into oil pipelines normally occur in remote and “wild” places where nobody sees this criminal business. But tapping into an oil pipeline and starting to pump fuel in a densely populated city is a very rare crime. In any case, law enforcement officers have never encountered such crimes in Moscow.

Men placed in the dock were previously convicted. 37-year-old resident of the Moscow Region Aleksey Biryukov, 38-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan Otabek Khozhiev and 32-year-old resident of Mordovia Dmitry Krysin. All were convicted on rare criminal charges: Article 158 – “Theft committed from petroleum products pipeline on a large scale”. Biryukov and Khozhiev were also convicted under Article 215.3 “Damage of petroleum products trunk pipeline that caused its derangement, committed by a group of people by prior agreement, motivated by financial gain in relation to trunk pipelines.”

This is what the RG correspondent was told at the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office.

The court found that Biryukov and Khozhiev, “implementing their criminal design to derange the petroleum products pipeline”, tapped into the pipeline in October 2017. The pipeline is the property of Transneft Upper Volga. The pipes installed by the said people led to the tanks that had been prepared in advance. The tanks were buried in a Moscow industrial site.

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