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Transneft Opens 10 Health Posts Ahead of Schedule

Date of publication: 17 July 2020

Medical infrastructure had to be restored after the flood in Irkutsk Region.

New health posts have already become life foci in Irkutsk countryside.

On 16 July 2020, Transneft held opening ceremonies for six HP stations in Irkutsk Region. Four of these opened their doors in late 2019. Thus, the Company’s management accomplished the errand of the national government and built 10 new HP in villages and settlements, since the old ones became rundown after the flood.


We should remind that a year ago due to torrential rains that concurred with snow melting in the mountains of the Eastern Sayan range, Irkutsk Region survived the worst flood of the past century, with more than 100 boroughs buried underwater, about 45,000 people sustaining damage from high waters and 26 perishing in the flood (another four people gone missing)...

“The whole village was floating.  The water was half a meter deep in my house,” says feldsher of Zarechnoye community Albina Nikolaeva through tears. “The health post was also covered with water, the flooring bulged, and it was very cold there in winter. We are thankful to Transneft for the new HP.

Albina has a track record of 31 years as a feldsher in Zarechnoye. Heartaches, injuries, trivial colds, vaccination – locals numbered 300 souls consult her with any problem.  Fortunately, the coronavirus pandemic bypassed Irkutsk’s remote community: two locals contacted infected people, but thank God, they did not contract the virus.

If anything serious happens, the locals seek medical services in the Tayshet, 28 km away from the settlement. The situation is a lot more serious in Tremino Village. “The nearest rural district clinic is located in Shitkino 60 km away. This is where an ambulance drives from. Or people set out for Tayshet, three hours of driving or 150 km away,” says feldsher Svetlana Moskalenko as she portrays medical logistics.

The Company also built a new HP in Tremino, as well as in Novotremino, Serebrovo, Voznesensky and Arshan. This is a standard project. A modular building has an area of more than 90 m2 and is equipped with a diesel power plant, firefighting and security systems. There are Internet connections, providing ample opportunities to use telemedicine. There is modern equipment installed, including an electrocardiograph and a defibrillator. Transneft allocated around RUB 320 million for this charitable project.


In August 2019, the national government told big business to tackle the region’s restoration. And already in December Transneft opened four health posts in Ukar and Zentsova Villages of Nizhneudinsky District, Biryusa of Tayshetsky District and Burkhun of Tulunsky District.

At the grand opening of the HP in Voznesensky community, Nizhneudinsk Mayor Anatoly Krupenev pointed out, “This is an important social project for the region, but it is particularly valuable for small boroughs. Local residents can now get timely medical services without leaving their townships. An important thing is that whenever a person is in need of urgent help, the feldsher can lend a hand because everything necessary is now available.”

Both medical personnel and local villagers have repeatedly thanked the oil pipeline company for providing health posts that are so needed in rural areas within a short time.


City-like Conditions

The response of physicians who currently work in the new medical institutions is indicative, “We’ve never dreamt of such a working environment”, as if the workplace was in a big city and not in a rural countryside. The fullest possible kit of medical accessories for primary units, including treatments for serious infections, has been procured just in case, and there is a fridge for vaccines. In desperate need, the feldsher may even deliver a baby in the new HP. All the necessary conditions have been created for rendering assistance to a mother and her newborn baby.

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