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New Tomorrow Begins Today

Date of publication: 10 July 2020

As part of the corporate charitable pogramme for the development of Russia’s Far East, Transneft will do repairs in 2020 and will procure new equipment for schools and hospitals in Amur and Irkutsk Regions as well as in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), worth RUB 97 million in total.

The charitable programmes of Transneft East open new horizons for health and education institutions in the Republic.

“We have not seen such a repair in Olekminsk Hospital for quite some time. And we’d hardly be able to do this on our own,” says Chief Physician of Olekminsk Hospital Marfa Burtseva. “Transneft East has allocated more than RUB 30 million for us.” We’ve decided to renovate the reception and registration office, renew the interiors and procure modern medical equipment.

The repair commenced as soon as the warm season set in. Very soon physiotherapy, surgery, disease prevention and scanning units will reopen their doors for patients. The latter will be received in a new format using modern-day digital technologies.

“But the main thing in the project is medical equipment, to be sure. More than RUB 20 million allocated by the Company will be used to procure hi-tech devices,” shares Marfa. “We’re going to replace the obsolete equipment with cell savers capable of mini-invasive hi-tech manipulations.” We’ll soon be able to offer medical aid to patients in need of endoscopic diagnostics, including oncological pathologies. The equipment list includes a gastrofibroscope (GF) that will help examine the digestive system of our patients. We are also buying an indispensable 24-hour monitoring facility for automatic recording and storage of electro cardio signal as well as for 24-hour measuring of non-invasive blood pressure of patients. This is not all: two lung ventilators, a waste decontamination facility and an electroencephalograph for clinical examinations of neurological patients will be added to our stock. 

All these changes made within one year have been a true gift for Olekmnisk physicians. The oil pipeliners were not content with corporate charity. The teams of oil pumping stations in Aldan, Olekminsk as well as business units in Neryungri joined their hands to organise a volunteer action towards the Health Worker Day.

“Our teams invested the funds raised by our employees in buying gifts and then we came to hand them to medical workers. In this way we tried to show our gratitude to all medical doctors in the Republic and to thank them for their important and hard work of treating patients.  “Today, in times of pandemic, the work of all medical personnel requires real heroism,” says Aleksandr Mistryukov, Director of Neryungri Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate at Transneft East.

The oil pipeliners have long been involved in active help provided for the Republic. Last year they completed the corporate charitable programme aimed at the development of school education. During three years 33 classrooms of STEM disciplines opened in 11 schools of the Republic. More than RUB 70 million were allocated for the project. The repaired classrooms are already complete with furniture, state of the art equipment and teaching aids.  The Company also supports projects of opening robotics and chess classrooms in schools.

“The final aim of these projects is developing the engineering thinking among schoolchildren. The modern educational environment rouses the interest of boys and girls in engineering vocations. It’s also important, to be sure, that an inspiring environment at schools helps boys and girls keep their focus on those activities which will guide them later in their career choice. It does not matter if today’s students will then become blue collars or engineers. What matters is that they will choose a career that appeals to them and will have respect for their trade,” said Deputy Director General for HR and General Affairs at Transneft East Andrey Volkov.

Medical workers in the neighbouring Amur Region have also received gifts from the oil pipeliners this year. Like the hospital in Olekminsk, the head medical institution of Skovorodino was also included in the charity programme of Transneft. Just the other days the doctors unwrapped boxes with new equipment and could not contain their joy: now they’d be able to offer local patients such services which the latter could get only in Blagoveshchensk some time before. The Skovorodino hospital is getting ready for repair as well. The construction team that completed a project in Olekminsk will set to similar works in Skovorodino already this month.

“All charitable projects are as important for us as production projects.  All business units of the Company are involved in this effort. We are keeping a vigil eye over the timely execution of all works, the quality of materials used and the equipment procured,” says Deputy Director General for Construction Mikhail Logachev.

The corporate charitable programme of Transneft for the development of social infrastructure in Russia’s Far East has been scheduled for three years. Till 2022 the Company will finance projects aimed at further development of health and education systems in all territories of operation, with a large part of financing channeled to social facilities in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

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