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Oil Pipeline under Control: Kozmino Improves Processes

Date of publication: 7 April 2020

The Kozmino oil port continues improving operational processes. The company has commissioned the Unified Supervisory Control System (USCS). It is reported that this will optimise the management of the process of receiving and transporting oil, which comes to the company via the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline, and its shipment to tankers.

Transneft Kozmino Port is part of Transneft, one of the leaders in the implementation of process automation systems in Russia. All oil pumping processes in the company are monitored by automated control systems. These systems provide control over process equipment from the control room, as well as automatic control of pressure and flow, temperature control, detection of oil leaks at a trunk pipeline, as well as communication with other information systems.

Unified Management Principles

Kozmino Oil Port completed the implementation of the USCS in February. And in the beginning of March it was put into commercial operation. The system is built on a single software and hardware platform adopted by Transneft subsidiaries.

The implemented system allows to monitor the oil pumping process within the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline section in Primorye Territory and to ship oil to the tanker fleet at the company's berths.

The commissioning of the Unified Supervisory Control System will significantly optimise the processes of ensuring monitoring of all aspects of the company’s activity.

“Using the system allows to quickly respond to unacceptable changes in pumping parametres and access data archives to analyse the pipeline operation. In addition, the unified system is designed to provide full monitoring of process switching and commercial operations,” says Roman Petrashenko, Deputy Chief Engineer for APCS and IT at Transneft Kozmino Port.

Complete Reconstruction

The modernisation and technical upgrading of the control system in the port took almost a year. The Kozmino regional control centre, which monitors and controls all parametres of oil pumping in the area of responsibility of Transneft Kozmino Port, is almost completely retrofitted.

Dispatcher halls with an oil transportation control centre are equipped here, modern server equipment which meets the latest requirements for reliability and information security is installed. In addition, the used computer programmes are unified, the new software is built on the same principles of creating dispatcher control systems adopted by Transneft. This will significantly facilitate maintenance of the technical support divisions control system.

Simultaneously with the introduction of the USCS, work was conducted to improve working conditions. Ventilation and air conditioning systems were replaced, living conditions were improved. The dispatcher room was equipped with the most advanced fire alarm and voice warning systems, and an uninterrupted power supply system was installed. Modern and comfortable furniture is installed in operating facilities, zones for eating and relaxing are arranged for personnel.

The supervisory control and data acquisition system launched in Kozmino, is included in Transneft's USCS and connected to the Company's central control centre. They say that such a solution will help increase the efficiency of data exchange and improve the quality of interaction. In turn, this will not only optimise operational processes, but also enhance the oil transshipment process safety at the port.

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