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“Made in Russia” prevailing

Date of publication: 18 December 2019

The grand opening of a new industrial facility has taken place at the premises of Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant (TMRP) owned by Transneft Siberia. It took less than two years to create this new production capacity within a special investment contract.

The Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant is the key manufacturing capacity providing Transneft subsidiaries from the Baltic Sea to Pacific Ocean with modern equipment and machinery for the safe operation, inspection and maintenance of oil trunk pipelines.

TMRP’s new manufacturing facility will provide Transneft subsidiaries with new vehicles and tools, nonstandard metal structures, repair parts for maintaining the smooth operation of oil pumping equipment, tank farms, and pipelines.

The project was implemented within the framework of the Special Investment Contract (SPIC) signed in June 2017 during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum between the Federal Ministry of Industry and Trade, Tyumen Region’s government and Transneft Siberia.

Transneft invested almost RUB 3 billion into the buildup of TMRP’s production capacity. In their turn, Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, along with Tyumen Region’s government, provided all-round administrative backing for the investor as well as some meaningful tax exemptions to be in effect till 2025.

At the new industrial facility’s inauguration event Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov underlined that Transneft had delivered on its commitments ahead of schedule. By its own example the Company has demonstrated that the mechanism of special investment contracts, enabling to pool the efforts of business and government, is quite successful. As it allows to meet the most significant challenges of production diversification, import substitution and entering foreign markets.

Sergey Minyailo, Director of Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant guided a tour of the new production facility for guests. Huge buildings as tall as a seven-storey house with the floor area of nearly 32,000 sq. m cropped up in the territory of a former fabrication yard phased out after the commissioning of the Zapolyarye – Purpe – Samotlor and the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean trunk pipelines. Today these are all the TMRP premises.

More than a hundred truly unique machines are installed in the shining clean shops.  Among them are high precision processing centres, robotic welding stations, press brakes, rolled metal plasma and laser cutting machines... They easily handle giant parts weighing up to 20 tonnes. Specialists assure that such machines can be counted on fingers in this country.

Mr. Bronnikov proudly demonstrated several specimens of promising products to be manufactured on the new line. In particular, the amphibious excavator carbody. Tyumen-based designers developed these powerful vehicles, moving over open reservoirs and impassable mires as though these were dry land, on the instructions of the parent company. No wonder, given that two thirds out of 10,000 km of oil trunk pipelines operated by Transneft Siberia run through swampland.

The Tyumen-based engineers also invented and mastered the manufacture of road matting to back the traffic of vehicles weighing up to 25 tonnes as well as turning chambers for the repair of oil pipelines across marshlands and wetlands.

The batch production of enclosures of various designations, modular stations for integrated and biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, sludge dewatering and petroleum slurry utilization are also deployed in the new expansion.

Overall more than 300 new items will be added to the product lineup of Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant, in addition to 1,800 articles already put out at present.  All of these products are in demand abroad, but now their high-quality analogues are manufactured in Russia too.

President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev pointed out during the inauguration of the new facility that only ten years ago the Company had been compelled to import plenty of equipment. At that time the Company also set itself the ambitious goal of organizing the manufacture of Russian analogues, as part of the large-scale import replacement programme. And now as a decade has lapsed, the share of imported equipment used by the Company has dropped down to 5 per cent. This being said, a significant share of innovative products is manufactured at Transneft’s plants.

Governor of Tyumen Region Alexander Moor emphasised that the regional government had been bound with Transneft by many years of mutually beneficial collaboration. Having launched the new production line, the Company created more than 200 new jobs. Whereas the regional budget, despite the tax breaks provided for the Company, will get hundreds of millions of additional rubles.

Governor Moor solemnly handed awards from the Russian Ministry of Construction and Tyumen Region’s government to those who distinguished themselves during the new facility’s construction.

“I hope we still have a lot of equally exciting joint projects lying ahead of us,” said Governor Moor in conclusion, turning to the President of Transneft and Deputy Minister.

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