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Turnkey knowledge. Transneft prepares updated classrooms for schoolchildren in Yakutia

Date of publication: 26 August 2019 Printable version

The start of the school year is just around the corner. Preparatory work is going on here and there. Over 500 republican schools have undergone comprehensive overhaul and redecoration. They will open their doors to more than 146,000 students. For the Neryungri, Olekminsk and Lensk schoolchildren this academic year is special - exact sciences classrooms will open in their schools. Transneft has prepared updated classrooms for schoolchildren in Yakutia.


In Olekminsk secondary school No. 2, despite the vacation time, work is in full swing. It is necessary to prepare the facade of the building and replace the windows, although not much time is left until the 1 September, just a couple of weeks. Classrooms that have already been completed are those for mathematics, physics and chemistry, where everything is prepared to meet the students. 

Three classrooms were repaired on a turnkey basis; they were overhauled. As Oksana Fris, acting school principal, reports, the floors and doorways were completely replaced, the walls were leveled and painted, and false ceilings were installed. 

“The school is located in a typical three-storey standard design stone house built in 1992. Routine cosmetic repairs are carried out annually. This year, only facade painting and window replacement are planned to be done. We always want to transform the school over the summer so that the children would come back after the holidays and rejoice. However, we do not always have funds for this,” Oksana Vladimirovna says. “This year, thanks to Transneft East, we have modern classrooms. And this is not just a simple repair. Classes are fully furnished, with modern multimedia equipment. Such equipment, in fact, opens up new opportunities for in-depth study of the world of exact sciences for our students. These are manuals, devices for experiments, kits for laboratory and research work. The new classrooms have interactive boards now, and teachers have laptops. Against the background of these transformations, the school administration has started thinking of putting more emphasis on chemistry and biology. 


The same classes await Olekminsk children at School No. 4. 178 students study in a wooden two-storey building, whose exact date of construction is unknown. Ten years ago, a high-quality overhaul was carried out at the school, so the new classrooms will not contrast with the rest of the rooms. 

“Despite the fact that our school is of humanities and social profile, many of our students go to the Olekminsky college after the ninth grade, where they are trained as specialists who are in demand at oil pipeline facilities. So we are very interested in a project that Transneft has implemented in our educational institution,” says  Natalya Sharoglazova, acting school principal.

Last year, the same classrooms were equipped in the Neryungri gymnasium No. 1 named after S. Karimova. According to Sergey Blinkov, the school principal, the repairs were carried out very efficiently, and the equipment with manuals and teaching materials made the gymnasium students and the teaching staff happy. The Gymnasium, that has always been famous for its strong students, also boasts a student who has scored 100 points in chemistry.  


Pupils of Secondary school No. 2 of Lensk also appreciated updated classrooms of mathematics and physics. The repairs in two classroom began in March, and in May, the rooms were commissioned.  

“Our school with extensive teaching in physics and mathematics is the base school for the Uniform State Exam in the area. So it is gratifying that the classrooms have been prepared for such an important event in the life of graduates, for passing the unified exam, and that our students passed it in lightsome, beautiful classrooms. The classrooms were overhauled: the walls were leveled and painted, the floors and ceilings were renovated. Modern educational furniture was purchased under the programme, the classrooms were decorated with visual aids. The tables in the physics classroom were connected to electric power supply, which will allow to conduct physical experiments. Now we have the necessary instruments, reagents for laboratory work and teaching aids: all that a subject teacher needs for practical work. The modern element is the technical equipment of classrooms: for example, there are 15 laptops now in the math room, and all the three classrooms have projectors and interactive boards”,  recites Tatyana Suyanko, the school principal  

She was also impressed by the Company's approach to fulfilling its obligations: 

“While the repairs were in progress, the Company’s employees came daily and monitored the progress of the work. Thanks to such attention, everything was done accurately and on time”.  

Last year, as part of Transneft’s corporate charitable programme, exactly the same classrooms were opened at the Lensk School No. 3.  


Transneft East has implemented the school education development programme in 23 schools in the regions of its operations. In 2017, in addition to Yakutia, exact sciences classrooms were opened in Irkutsk and Amur Regions, as well as Krasnoyarsk Territory.  

“The project’s goal is to develop the potential of regional education systems. We tried to help schools that want to nurture engineers. In nice classrooms equipped with all the necessary equipment, teachers have the opportunity to show the beauty of technical sciences. And though not all of these students will become engineers, someone will choose the profession of a worker, and that's good too. The main thing is professionalism. Today, in the system of oil transportation facilities, both of these professions are equally in demand,” Aleksandr Puzikov, the Company’s General Director, summed up.

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