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Transneft Provides Modern Equipment for Schools in Belogorsk

Date of publication: 15 July 2019

6 schools of Belogorsk are equipping their methodology classrooms for exact sciences with modern equipment: Gymnasium No. 1 and Schools No. 200, 4, 5, 10 and 17.

Equipment for physics & chemistry and mathematical classrooms, as well as physics and chemistry laboratories, is provided by Transneft Far East under the corporate school education development charity programme.

“By the beginning of the new school year, the general education organisations of Belogorsk will receive 18 classrooms for physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons (there will be three new classrooms in each of the schools). Each school will also have one physics laboratory and one chemistry laboratory equipped,” said Aleksandra Sarycheva, Chief Specialist of the Procurement Section. “The supply and installation of school furniture, laboratory equipment and interactive sets has already begun. There will be new racks, desks and lab tables in each renovated classroom for exact sciences.”

Investor assistance also allowed schools to buy multifunctional office equipment, information stands, roller blinds and interactive sets. It includes a teacher’s desk with an integrated audiovisual equipment control system, as well as a teacher’s PC with two monitors. One monitor is designed for methodological work, and the other allows control over the interactive whiteboard.

Also, there will be projectors, document cameras and microphones with a speaker system in the classrooms. At School No. 4, all the necessary equipment is already installed. In other schools, the work is performed as fast as allowed by equipment supplies.

Today, furniture has been installed at School No. 200, and School No. 10 is already waiting for the second delivery. As per the order of Stanislav Melyukov, Head of the Belogorsk Administration, new classrooms will open on 1 September 2019.  

As already reported, the classrooms will be equipped both with new furniture and with modern laboratory kits for chemical experiments, as well as with sets for conducting instant tests. In addition, laboratories for physics and chemistry lessons will be equipped with sets for conducting state final examination. The corporate programme provides for the allocation of almost RUB 50 million for these purposes, the Press Service of the Head of the Belogorsk  Administration reports.

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