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Full Text of the Interview of N. Tokarev to the TASS Agency in Connection with the Information on Suspension of Oil and Petroleum Products Transit through the Republic of Belarus

Date of publication: 12 April 2019

Transneft owns Transneft Diascan, a specialised subsidiary with high-tech in-line inspection equipment for oil and petroleum products pipelines. The subsidiary is the world leader in evaluation of technical condition of pipeline systems, providing its services both on the Russian market and beyond. Many large oil pipeline companies engage Transneft Diascan to conduct inspection. Oil pipeline inspection using Transneft Diascan’s equipment makes it possible to detect various in-line defects with a high degree of accuracy. The demand for these services is significant and many of our colleagues, pipeline companies, apply to conclude contracts for technical inspection.

Monitoring pipelines in the Republic of Belarus is Transneft Diascan’s traditional priority. The analysis of the received data delivers information on the hazard level of the detected defects along with preparation of repair plans.

Therefore, I would like to state with full responsibility that our Belarusian colleagues have a complete and reliable picture of the technical condition of the pipelines running across the territory of the Republic. Also with full responsibility I state that their condition is satisfactory. The overwhelming majority of the identified defects are repairable without lowering the operational pressure, let alone activating the emergency protocol. 

If necessary, we can offer our colleagues sending 16 fully equipped teams from Transneft Druzhba, our Bryansk subsidiary, the nearest one to Belarus, to assist them in eliminating the defects.

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