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Mobile Outpatient Clinic Reaches Extreme North

Date of publication: 10 April 2019 Printable version

Transneft provides medical care both to its employees and to residents of Russia’s remote areas.

Mobile medical units can be described as a special kind of a comfortable outpatient clinic in an all-terrain vehicle equipped with an autonomous HVAC system.

Iyengra is the only village in Yakutia’s Neryungri District where the Evenks, an indigenous minority of the North, have been originally residing. In the middle of March, Dulin Bugav Itelin (Commandments of My Land) Evenki Language and Culture Festival was held here. This festival has become a traditional opportunity for the locals to welcome guests from all over Siberia, Trans-Baikal Territory and the Far East visiting the ethnocultural celebration. This year, the oil pipeline company has given the locals a gift: it brought doctors.

As the nearest outpatient clinic lies more than 60 kilometres away from the village and it takes time and effort to get there, especially for elderly people and families with children, this is a very useful and desirable kind of gift.

The staff of the mobile healthcare centre have provided consultations to more than 200 people. “Highly skilled doctors have arrived, offering high-quality professional health checkups, and the village residents are now asking for a similar health checkup to be arranged next year as well,” noted Head of the village Olga Ignatenko.

It is not only the Evenks living in Iyengra who could have their health checked; people living in numerous other settlements in remote areas of the North also had the opportunity. Transneft is successfully introducing the practice of using mobile medical units (MMU) so that both its employees working in remote areas and the locals can see a doctor for a medical examination.


In March this year, Vladimir Putin pointed out the weaknesses of the domestic healthcare system in his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly. “Its current state, its availability level seems to be improving, on the one hand; on the other, people are not satisfied with it, and the reasons appear clear. Quite often, one has to queue up and wait for a particular medical specialist’s appointment for days, it is impossible to receive an examination both quickly and for free,” specified Mr. President. “The number of mobile medical units is increasing, but there still are places where MMUs are not available, and for their residents nothing has improved.”

Transneft started using MMUs even before this topic was ever touched upon by the President in public.

The Company is currently implementing a project of arranging health checkups for the personnel employed at remote facilities. There are 38 such facilities in Transneft’s system, with more than 5 thousand employees working on a rotating basis.

Besides, two thousand more people work at facilities lying more than 50 kilometres away from the nearest hospitals and outpatient clinics.   Mobile medical units like the one that has been to Iyengra are designated specifically to be used in such areas. They can be described as a special kind of a comfortable outpatient clinic in an all-terrain vehicle equipped with an autonomous HVAC system. Their operating temperatures range from 40°С above zero to 40°С below zero, both extremes not being uncommon at all in Siberia.

The unit has such state-of-the-art equipment required for a complete health checkup as a photofluorography system, a lung tester, a pulse oximeter, an ultrasound scanner, a colposcope, a hematology analyser, an ECG machine, an audiometer, and a vibrotesting device.


According to Transneft, the mobile medical unit drove 4,470 kilometres around Irkutsk and Amur Regions, the northern part of Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2018. A crew of 12 doctors performed medical examination of more than 2,900 people during that time.

The practice of using a mobile medical unit proved to be successful. Therefore, Transneft is planning to acquire more similar mobile healthcare units in 2019 which will operate in Central Russia, Volga Region, the Urals and Western Siberia.  The idea is also to make health checkup services available not only to the Company employees but also to their family members and the local population.

The Company’s activities in this field have not gone unnoticed: Minenergo (the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation) declared Transneft the winner of its 2018 Best Socially Oriented Oil and Gas Company contest.

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