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In Iyengra Workers of Oil Pipeline Company Facilitate Preservation of Traditions and Culture of Small Indigenous Peoples of North

Date of publication: 25 March 2019 Printable version

Transneft East has supported ethnocultural events in Neryungri District.

Iyengra is the only village in Yakutiya’s Neryungri District where the Evenks, an indigenous minority of the North, have been originally residing. This is where the language, the culture, and the reindeer breeding traditions have survived to the full extent. From March 12 to 16, Dulin Bugav Itelin (Commandments of My Land) Evenki Language and Culture Festival was held in Iyengra.  Transneft East supported this interregional event as a partner.

Over three hundred Evenks from Yakutia, Buryatia, Khabarovsk Territory, Trans-Baikal Territory, Amur Region, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other regions of Russia joined the festival.

Transneft East is committed to the principles of high social responsibility and has therefore organised a health checkup as part of the event, which any of the participants could undergo. The health checkup was provided on the basis of a mobile health unit acquired in order to carry out medical examinations of the staff employed at the Company’s operating facilities located in remote settlements. A team of doctors, including a cardiology physician, a gynaecologist, and a functional diagnostics specialist from Saint Petersburg healthcare institutions, examined some two hundred people from among both the hosts and the guests of the festival.

Moreover, the Company acted as the partner of such events as Ilmakta Eteyechimni young reindeer herders’ forum and a reindeer sled race for adults held as part of the Uktyvun national holiday.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Transneft East for their contribution to our festival,” Head of Iyengra village Olga Ignatenko told “Yakutia”, “For example, the pipeline workers provided full support for the young reindeer herders’ forum and gave valuable gifts to the winners and encouragement awards to the other participants. Thus, the one-minute race winner was awarded with a diesel generator unit.

Highly skilled doctors did a professional health checkup, and the village residents are now asking for a similar health checkup to be arranged next year as well. Generally speaking, we would be happy if the Company could sponsor such events in the future, too.”

We would like to note that Transneft East has supported ethnocultural events in the republic earlier as well. In August last year, the pipeline workers contributed to the celebration of Yhyakh Olonkho, a national Yakut holiday. The Company allocated funds for purchase of awards as part of its charitable programme. The winners of national sports competitions were given power generating units, petrol-powered saws, TV sets and motorcycles.

According to Transneft East’s Director General Aleksandr Puzikov, such charitable activities pursue the aim to facilitate the preservation of the national culture and legacy in the areas where the Company’s facilities operate.

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