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Transneft Kozmino Port: Export – on Schedule, Ecology – to the Highest Standards

Date of publication: 29 January 2019 Printable version

Transneft Kozmino Port (part of the Transneft system), which performs a most important state task of ensuring uninterrupted export of high-quality Russian oil to the countries of Asia and the Pacific, is one of the leaders of Primorye Territory’s economy.

At the same time, the port not only successfully handles business, but also introduces new standards of energy efficiency and environmental safety.

Zolotoy Rog’s dossier: Located on the coast of the Sea of Japan, Kozmino oil port is the end point of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline system, which has a length of almost 5,000 km and connects six regions of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East. ESPO-1 is a section of the Tayshet (Irkutsk Region) – Skovorodino (Amur Region) oil pipeline, ESPO-2 is a section of the Skovorodino – Kozmino oil terminal oil pipeline.

No failures and losses

In total 30.4 million tonnes of ESPO grade oil were exported through the port to the countries of Asia and the Pacific in 2018. Now tankers depart from the port’s berths daily, which was facilitated by technological revamping and expansion of the port’s capacity.

China remains the largest consumer of the Russian oil shipped through Kozmino, accounting for 80% of the total volume (24.3 million tonnes) last year.

Other recipients of Russian oil coming from Kozmino are: Japan – 2.6 million tonnes (8%), South Korea – 1.5 million (5%), Singapore – 0.5 million (2%), Malaysia – 0.5 million (2%), USA, Thailand, Philippines and New Zealand (up to 1% and less than 1% for each).

Important date: On 8 June 2018, the volume of Russian oil exported from the port of Kozmino reached 200 million tonnes since the launch of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system in December 2009. At the beginning of 2019, 217.5 million tonnes of crude had been exported to Asia and the Pacific in total.

Saving is a priority

Continuously increasing the level of energy efficiency is one of the oil port’s priorities. The Company believes that this is no less significant than ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operation of the oil pipeline and timely shipment of oil.

The year 2018 was declared by Transneft as the Year of Energy Saving. Transneft Kozmino Port fully implemented the set of measures for saving and efficient use of fuel and energy resources within the energy saving programme in the past year. In monetary terms, savings amounted to more than a million roubles.

Among other things, the Company took steps to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, engine and boiler and furnace fuel. The oil seaport also organised a number of thematic events. In particular, it took part in the Earth Hour international movement and issued information booklets of educational character. In order to share experience in the field of resource conservation, the Company organised meetings with the captains of tankers serviced at the oil port’s berths.

Within the Year of Energy Saving, specialists of Transneft Kozmino Port organised and held a lesson on energy literacy for senior students of school No. 18 of Vrangel City District. The students learned about easy ways to save heat and electrical energy in everyday life and got an idea of energy saving on an industrial scale, Transneft Kozmino Port serving as an example.

Security is a must

A high-tech enterprise, such as an oil port, ought to pay special attention to industrial safety – by taking various measures to prevent and minimise the consequences of accidents at hazardous facilities.

Every year more than 150 emergency response drills are scheduled and carried out at the facilities of Transneft Kozmino Port in order to practise joint actions between the Company's business units responsible for the safe operation of the oil pipeline as well as to check the state and readiness of the vehicles and equipment involved.

Employees of emergency repair divisions, sites and business units, a fire station, a non-regular emergency rescue team of Transneft Kozmino Port and an emergency rescue team of Transneft-Service were involved in various activities in 2018. Special equipment of various kinds was used, including marine equipment such as bilge water collecting vessels, tugs, boats and towable bladders. These drills confirm that the divisions and units of Kozmino oil port and the emergency rescue team are ready to instantly deal with an emergency oil spill, and that they are provided with the necessary equipment in working condition. In 2018, Transneft Kozmino Port won the annual competition for the best organisation of occupational health activities among the enterprises of Nakhodkinsky City District.

Social responsibility

Promoting healthy lifestyle and sports among employees is an integral part of Transneft Kozmino Port’s social policy. Winter and summer sports festivals are regularly held among the workers of operating facilities. In 2018, the IV Summer Sports Festival was held. Two hundred of the oil port’s employees took part in the contest. Competitions were held in such sports as volleyball, football, basketball, track and fields, swimming, table tennis, chess and billiards. 34 employees of the Company, who conformed to the Ready for Labour and Defense All-Russia Physical Culture and Sports Standards System, received badges of honour.

In 2018, Transneft Kozmino Port received a Certificate of Honour from the administration of Nakhodka and a Letter from the City Duma for the Company’s contribution to the social and economic development of Nakhodkinsky City District and in connection with the 68th anniversary of the city of Nakhodka.

In conclusion, we would add that Kozmino oil port is the largest taxpayer in Primorye Territory. From 2009 to 2018, its contributions to budgets of different levels amounted to RUB 24.7 billion. As a confirmation of the Company's importance for the region’s development, last year, Transneft Kozmino Port was awarded by the Primorye administration on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the region’s formation, to honour the port’s high performance, significant contribution to the region’s development and for being a socially responsible business.

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