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Date of publication: 19 December 2018 Printable version

Charitable support of hospitals, schools, nursery schools, veterans' and non-governmental organisations is as important as oil transportation for Transneft East.

Boxes are being unpacked at the Tayshet district hospital. Large and small, heavy and light. Inside is new medical equipment and furniture, all of which has been purchased using the funds donated by Transneft East.

“This is an unexpected gift to say the least,” the chief physician of the hospital Marina Lazareva admits. “We would never believe that such large-scale charity was even possible.”

Last year, the district hospital was overhauled, with all funds spent on renovation of walls, ceilings and floors. Purchase of new furniture and equipment worth almost 20 million roubles was the pipeline Company’s initiative.

Tasks of National Importance

“We do more than just transport oil via the pipelines located in the regions we’re responsible for — in Irkutsk and Amur Regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yakutia. Along with that, we address social problems in the regions where our operational facilities are located. It is important that people who work at our oil pumping stations, central maintenance divisions and oil loading stations enjoy living in the regions where they are employed. We want them to bring up their children and establish labour dynasties,” says Aleksandr Puzikov, General Director of Transneft East.

The Company runs two operational facilities in Tayshet: Tayshet oil pumping station (PS), which is involved in transportation of oil via the Omsk — Irkutsk and the Krasnoyarsk — Irkutsk oil pipelines and Tayshet initial pumping station, the place where the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system takes its start, providing for transportation of East Siberian oil to the Russian Far East for domestic processing as well as for export. Almost 300 of the Company’s employees work at these two facilities.

The total headcount at Transneft East exceeds 6.5 thousand people. The Company purposefully implements major projects in all the cities and settlements where its facilities are located.

For example, in October 2018, a children's outpatient clinic was overhauled in Bratsk, which is home to a number of Transneft East's business units and its executive office. This large-scale project was worth 160 million roubles.

In addition to that, this year, the oil pipeline Company has sponsored renovation of an exercise therapy hall at one of the city’s hospitals; a year earlier, it furnished the institution’s physical therapy room with up-to-date medical equipment.

Another significant project is close to accomplishment: nursery school No. 72 in Bratsk will soon enjoy a modern school nurse’s office. This nursery school is attended by children with vision impairments. New state-of-the-art equipment has already been purchased and will be installed at the newly renovated room as soon as the construction is over.

“We will not only be able to correct kids’ existing vision problems. We will be able to apply the newest practices to prevent them,” emphasises Tatyana Menshikova, the head of the children's institution.

Investing in the Future

More boxes, this time not with medical but with robotic equipment, are being unpacked at schools and nursery schools of Irkutsk Region this year. Raising engineers since childhood is the key mission of the programme for providing schools and preschool institutions with robotics equipment.

This year, the charity programme implemented by the Company has embraced two secondary schools and a nursery school in Bratsk, a school in the settlement of Yantal and two schools in Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky, along with four more educational institutions in Yakutia. A total of over 10 million roubles have been allocated for equipping robotics classrooms in the Company’s regions of operation this year.

“I am convinced that this is a look into the future,” the head of Nizhneilimsky District Maksim Romanov shares his opinion. “When we see such initiatives suggested by major enterprises working here, we conclude that their intentions are serious. We realise that the company is interested in highly qualified personnel, and the most important thing is that the focus is on employing local residents instead of bringing personnel from somewhere else.”

Subtle Matter

Among the Company's charitable projects there are “magic” ones. Every year, as the New Year holidays approach, ice fortresses appear in the cities and settlements of northern regions. You will see Father Frost and the Snow Maiden there, as well as ice steles and, of course, ice slides. This year, more than 6 million roubles have been allocated to create the ice beauty. Architectural ensembles have already appeared in such towns and settlements of Irkutsk Region as Angarsk, Bratsk, Vikhorevka, Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky, Chun and Tayshet as well as in Lensk (in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) and in Angarsky and Oktyabrsky settlements (Krasnoyarsk Territory).

More than 220 million roubles have been allocated by Transneft East for charitable projects implemented in Irkutsk Region in 2018.

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