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Nursery School and a Lyceum in Neryungri to Receive Robotics Kits

Date of publication: 23 November 2018 Printable version

Up-to-date design and programming kits will appear in robotics classrooms at the Special Combined School and Nursery School No. 3 and at the Information and Technology Lyceum No. 24 in the town of Neryungri (Yakutia).  The new equipment will be purchased as early as this year at the expense of a charity giver, Transneft East.

Moreover, the Company will also make charitable contributions to support two schools in the city of Aldan. The total amount of funds allocated by Transneft East for the implementation of robotics educational programmes at the schools located in the regions of its operation in 2018 exceeds 10 million roubles.

Transneft East’s major charitable projects implemented earlier this year include outfitting a 20x35 m multi-purpose sportsground in Neryungri. The sports facility includes a futsal field and two basketball courts.

This year, exact sciences classrooms have been opened at the Neryungri Gymnasium No. 1 within the corporate school education development programme implemented by Transneft. Three classrooms – the physics, chemistry and math classroom – have been renovated and provided with state-of-the-art teaching and multimedia equipment. The cost of the project exceeded 5 million roubles.

Next year, similar exact sciences classrooms will open at such educational institutions in Neryungri as secondary school No.1, Information and Technology Lyceum No. 24 and secondary school No. 18. 21.3 million roubles will be allocated for this.

Before 31 December 2018, Transneft East will provide funding to cover the costs of acquiring athletic apparel for the Energiya-2008 children’s ice hockey team and to purchase New Year’s gifts for the persons cared for by the Neryungri branch of All-Russia Society of the Disabled. Early next year, an outdoor kids’ playground will be granted to the Oduvanchik nursery school in Neryungri.

Robotics kits for School No. 10

For reference: since 2010, Transneft East has contributed 13.3 million roubles to social institutions in Neryungri.

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