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Exact Sciences to be Taught by Modern Standards at Schools of Amur Region

Date of publication: 21 November 2018 Printable version

Modern interactive boards and visual aids, micro, express, and digital laboratories, educational kits for molecule modelling, sensors and demo sets – everything it takes to make exact sciences lessons exciting will be available to schoolchildren from Amur Region next year. Math, physics, and chemistry classrooms at ten educational institutions of the region will be renovated and outfitted with the equipment required for teaching these subjects. Such support is being granted to Amur Region by Transneft Far East a part of the school education development programme implemented by Transneft.

The newly renovated classrooms will have new furniture, interactive boards, visual aids and laboratory equipment.

The list of educational institutions of Amur Region  covered by the targeted support programme includes secondary schools No. 1, 4, 5, 11, 17 and 200 in Belogorsk, secondary school No. 1 in Shimanovsk, school No.2 in Yekaterinoslavka and schools No. 1 and No. 95 in Arkhara. Standard classroom designs have been developed for the educational institutions, necessary laboratory and demonstration equipment sets have been determined.

“Each of the six schools of our town included in the programme will receive about 6.5 million roubles on average. These funds will be spent on overhauling and equipping exact sciences classrooms. Teaching in the newly renovated classrooms is scheduled to begin on 1 September next year,” said Deputy Head of Belogorsk for Social Policy Galina Burmistrova. “This is the first time that Transneft renders such support to our schools, and this will, of course, promote our pupils’ competence in the subjects that serve as a foundation for acquiring a technical profession in the future. Specialised classrooms may be established at Belogorsk schools in the coming years, where future oil and gas industry professionals will study.

Next year, Transneft Far East will help 16 secondary education institutions in three regions – Primorye Territory, Amur Region and Jewish Autonomous Region. Over 107 million roubles will be allocated for implementation of the programme in the regions where the Company’s facilities are located. This year, Transneft’s classes have appeared at two schools and one lyceum in Dalnerechensk, Primorye Territory, within the development programme. The oil transportation company endeavours to include educational institutions of small towns and rural settlements into the project.

“The start of renovation in three classrooms of our school is scheduled for March, and it will not interfere with the educational process,” says Yevgeniya Belogubets, Deputy Headmaster for Teaching and Educational Issues of school No. 2 in Yekaterinoslavka, where over 500 young Amur Region residents are gaining knowledge. “There is no doubt that interactive boards and sets, projectors, various teaching aids and laboratory equipment will make the process of learning more attractive. This is especially important, as we have student groups specialising in physics and mathematics in senior school.”

In 2017 – 2019, a total of 19 schools in the Russian Far East will be covered by the Company’s programme, and the amount of funding will achieve nearly 126 million roubles. The purpose of Transneft’s corporate charitable programme is to ensure that the level of teaching of exact sciences at schools keeps pace with modern advances and to promote senior students’ interest in exact sciences. Moreover, schools located in the area of Transneft Far East’s operation become able to offer students training in the subjects which serve as a foundation for acquiring a profession in the field of engineering. In the future, one will be able to start studying to become a highly skilled worker or a trained engineer in the field of oil transportation since one’s school days.

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