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Both by Money and by Action

Date of publication: 9 November 2018 Printable version

In 2006, the first joint of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline was welded not far from Tayshet. Since then Transneft East has been operating in Irkutsk Region. The task set before the Company by the state was to ensure transportation of Siberian oil to the ports in the Russian Far East and to China. During more than 10 years, Transneft East has not only accomplished this goal, but also significantly contributed to social improvement of the region, having allocated about 400 million roubles for renovation and construction of hospitals and schools, outfitting children’s playgrounds and sportsgrounds, supporting cultural centres and assisting veterans and retired persons.

Revamping the Kirensk airport‘s runway was among the major charitable projects implemented by Transneft East. Renovation of the premises accommodating a unique library of Russian poetry in Bratsk was yet another significant project. Viktor Serbsky, a local resident, had been collecting it throughout his whole life before granting it to the city. This year alone, the Company has provided financial support amounting to more than 220 million roubles. For example, nearly 160 million roubles were contributed for renovation of the outpatient clinic of the Bratsk children's municipal hospital. This outpatient clinic serves about 30,000 children, and this was the first overhaul it has had during 38 years!

The work began in December 2017. All the utility systems were replaced, interior finishing was completed, facade was cladded, the adjacent territory and the parking lot were beautified. In addition to that, new equipment and furniture was acquired, and play zones were arranged for little patients. The renovation was successfully completed 1 month ahead of schedule – the newly renovated building opened its doors again in November. In 2014, the Company funded renovation of premises accommodating a children’s trauma care centre also operating under the aforementioned children's municipal hospital in Bratsk, and a year later the Company allocated funds to buy expensive equipment for the centre, including anesthesia apparatuses and blood transfusion equipment. In 2017, Transneft East began implementing its mass sports and children’s sports support programme and gifted two multipurpose sportsgrounds to Bratsk.

This year, one more sportsground, that costed more than five million roubles, has opened in the city. A new workout spot has appeared in Vikhorevka as well. The corporate school education development charity programme implemented by Transneft should not go unmentioned either. Due to this programme, up-to-date equipment for physics, chemistry and mathematics classrooms have appeared in school No. 85 in Tayshet, robotics classrooms are being created at nursery schools as well as at schools, and educational institutions are getting new school buses. The personnel of the Company is committed to the corporate culture of social responsibility. Because money is not the only means of support: one can help with one’s own hands by planting trees, participating in volunteer clean-up events or by congratulating veterans.

By the way, during the renovation of the trauma care centre in Bratsk, Transneft East’s employees (among them engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel) became stone masons, wall painters, electricians etc. during their spare time and helped complete the works at the hospital at their own initiative.

“What else would you expect if over 80 per cent of our personnel are local residents? These are their towns and settlements, their motherland. Helping others is the right thing to do, and a truly exciting thing too. Consistent philanthropic activity is an attribute of a responsible Company seeing its future connected to the regions and their residents,” emphasises Aleksandr Puzikov, General Director of Transneft East.

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Transneft East commenced its operations in Irkutsk Region in 2006. In 2009, the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline, with its starting point located in Tayshet and its initial throughput capacity of 30 million tonnes oil per year, was commissioned. Today, the capacity of phase I of the ESPO pipeline system has almost achieved the planned volume of 80 million tonnes. Currently, up-to-date oil pumping stations and central maintenance divisions operate in four regions of the country: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yakutia, Amur Region and Irkutsk Region. Service lanes have been laid and bridges have been built. The staff of Transneft East has grown to 6.5 thousand people. The construction goes on: in 2017, three oil pumping stations (PS) were put into operation in Irkutsk Region in addition to the existing ones, and three more PSs of ESPO’s phase I are to be commissioned in 2019, their total number within the section from Tayshet to Skovorodino to achieve 21.

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