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Neighbourliness. Oil Companies Contribute to Development of Territories of Their Presence

Date of publication: 8 November 2018 Printable version

Since September 2018, students of four schools in Neryungri, Olyokminsk, Aldan and Lensk have been studying exact sciences in a new way: the classrooms themselves were renovated and became more comfortable; in addition, they received modern educational equipment, such as laboratory equipment for chemistry and physics lessons.

To Develop Education in Yakutia …

"Three classrooms (for physics, chemistry and mathematics) were completely renovated and received modern furniture. All classrooms now have unified design and sets of visual aids. Most importantly, we received modern equipment that allows teaching exact sciences at the level of a specialised school," said Victor Kamchadalov, Director of secondary school No. 1 in Aldan.

The school thanks Transneft East for funding the renovation and equipping of classrooms, clarified Kamchadalov. The oil pipeline specialists have a corporate school education development programme that is being implemented across the country. In 2018, the Company allocated more than RUB 26 million for educational institutions of four cities in Yakutia. It should be noted that this is not a one-time campaign: next year, the programme will cover seven more schools in the Republic. The total amount of funds allocated to educational institutions of Yakutia will exceed RUB 70 million.

Meanwhile, education is not the only area where the Company aids the younger generation. Pipeline specialists are sure that children should not only succeed academically, they must also improve their physical shape and health. Therefore, the Company has opened three multifunctional sports grounds in Lensk, Neryungri and Aldan. It is already obvious that the sports facilities are in great demand.

"This facility is always occupied, as the sports ground is very popular among children and adolescents," said Alexander Khorunov, Head of the Administration of Lensk. "From morning to evening, there are a lot of young people there, which means that the facility was appropriate and necessary. Large enterprises operating in our territory are implementing such important projects, and this is the main evidence of their social profile."

It should be noted that this is the main, but not the only evidence.

… and the Region as a Whole

More than two dozen industrial facilities of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Pipeline System are located in Yakutia. They employ about 2.5 thousand people and more than half of them are indigenous people of the Republic.

"When recruiting personnel for our oil transportation facilities, we adhere to clear guidelines: first of all, we employ those who live in the Republic. Thus, we keep skilled professionals for the region and ensure staff stability for the Company," said Natalia Nikolayeva, Head of the Human Resources Section at Transneft East.

Another area of the Company's activities, which helps the region develop, is supporting indigenous peoples of the North, who have been traditionally living in Yakutia. Thus, until the end of the year, the pipeline specialists will buy vehicles and equipment (a car, boats and motors) for the Kindigir tribal community.

The Company will allocate another RUB 10 million for the purchase of specialty vehicles for Tattinsky District in the Republic. The following and other vehicles will be purchased for the needs of the district until the end of the year: a water truck, an agricultural crawler tractor and a tractor equipped with a drilling rig, as well as two boats with outboard motors. It's no wonder that these vehicles are called vital – they will be used for emergency response works and during the scouring period, as well as in preparation for the winter season.

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