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Developing North: Investing in Future

Date of publication: 8 November 2018 Printable version

Ideally, large-scale industrial activities should be associated with solving significant problems in the sphere of charity. Residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are very lucky in this respect, because Transneft East, a large oil transportation enterprise, operates on the territory of their Republic.

Being a socially responsible company, it has already allocated more than RUB 75 million for the implementation of charity projects in Yakutia since 2010. The Company provides funding for measures in the field of education, sports and many other socially significant areas.

Robotics and Exact Sciences

Recently, the Company has launched a charity programme to fit out schools and nursery schools with the necessary equipment for robotics classes. 11 educational institutions of Yakutia and Irkutsk Region participate in the programme. The average cost of one set of equipment purchased is RUB 1 million. In Yakutia, three schools in Aldan and two schools in Neryungri will receive such equipment.

According to experts, the implementation of the programme for the introduction of robotics courses will help children and adolescents develop engineering thinking. This will allow, among other things, to train future engineers for Transneft East, which is responsible for the uninterrupted operation of strategically important oil trunk pipelines.

In addition, as part of Transneft’s (the parent company) corporate programme for the development of school education, Transneft East opened exact sciences classrooms in four schools (in Aldan, Lensk, Neryungri and Olyokminsk).

The premises were completely renovated, and modern equipment and materials were purchased for physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons. This programme also provides for the opening of similar classrooms in seven other schools in Yakutia in 2019.

"Transneft East cooperates with us very closely," said Olga Vitsina, Head of the Education Department of the Neryungrinsky District Administration, in an interview to the Yakutia online newspaper. "This year, the Company has completely renovated and equipped three specialised classrooms in Gymnasium No. 1 in Neryungri. Next year, chemistry, physics and mathematics classrooms in three other schools of the district will also be renovated. I believe that the implementation of the Company's charity programme is meant to increase students' interest in exact sciences. In addition, it provides an opportunity to train students in subjects that are basic for engineering specialties.

Promoting Sports is a Priority

The impressive list of significant results of the Company's charitable activities includes the construction of multifunctional sports grounds. Recently, an opening ceremony of such a facility took place in Neryungri.

"I'm confident that the new sports ground will become a driver for the development of mass and children's sports," said Alexander Mistryukov, Director of Neryungri Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (a branch of Transneft East), in his welcoming speech. "The promotion of physical culture and a healthy lifestyle is one of the priorities of our Company!”

In total, three sports grounds have been built in Aldan, Lensk and Neryungri in 2018. Two more sports grounds were constructed in Bratsk (Irkutsk Region) and in Skovorodino (Amur Region).

In total, the Company has allocated more than RUB 20 million for the implementation of projects for the construction of multifunctional sports grounds.

Vehicles for Taatta

Within the charity programme, Transneft East will buy specialty vehicles for Tattinsky District.

The following and other vehicles will be purchased for the needs of the district until the end of the year: a water truck, an agricultural crawler tractor and an MTZ tractor equipped with a drilling rig, as well as two boats with outboard motors. These heavy vehicles will be used for emergency response works and during the scouring and fire-dangerous periods, as well as in preparation for the winter season.

"We are absolutely sure that we will receive these vehicles in a timely manner until the end of 2018," said Arian Potapov, Deputy Head of Tattinsky District for Construction and Infrastructure Development, in an interview to the Yakutia online newspaper. "On behalf of the Administration and residents of the District, I want to thank Transneft East for the sponsorship. The Company immediately responded to our request, because everyone knew about the emergency we’ve had this year during the scouring period.

Note that Transneft East will provide RUB 9.8 million to purchase vehicles for Tattinsky District.

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