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Transneft East Allocates Over RUB 70 Million to Charitable Projects in Yakutia

Date of publication: 7 November 2018 Printable version

Over RUB 70 million have been allocated by Transneft East for implementing charitable projects in the field of healthcare, education and sports in Yakutia.

The Company’s press service has told SakhaNews Information Agency that such work has been carried out here since 2010. This year, multifunctional sports grounds have been built in the cities where the –°ompany's operating facilities are located (Neryungri, Lensk and Aldan). The facilities are designed for basketball and futsal. The amount allocated for the project implementation totals over RUB 16 million.

This year, specialised classrooms for teaching exact sciences have also appeared at four schools in the aforementioned cities and in Olyokminsk, thanks to Transneft East. As part of the corporate charitable programme for the development of school education, school classrooms have been renovated, and modern equipment and materials for physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons have been purchased.

In 2019, similar classrooms will be opened at seven more schools of the republic as part of the corporate programme for school education support. The total amount of charitable funds allocated for the education development programme will be more than RUB 75 million. Thus, the amount allocated for social projects in the republic in the previous years will almost double.

“The main purpose of Transneft East's social and charitable activities is ensuring favourable conditions for the younger generation in the regions where the Company operates. A love for engineering should be fostered in children since their school years, so that after they finish high school, they continue their education to become specialists that are in demand in the oil transportation industry,” says Andrey Volkov, Deputy Director General for Personnel and General Affairs at Transneft East.

In the summer of 2018, the Company sponsored the celebration of Yhyakh Olonkho, the national cultural holiday of Yakutia. The celebration took place at the Savaki cultural and ethnographic complex in the city of Aldan. The Company had gifts ready for participants of competitions in national sports such as khapsagai, mass wrestling, and national martial arts. The winners of the competitions were awarded mobile power generators, chainsaws, televisions and motorcycles.

In 2016, the Company made a charitable donation towards the purchase of an interactive multimedia complex for the M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University. The cooperation will continue. Early next year, RUB 3 million will be donated to support the development of the university.

Moreover, Transneft has decided to purchase specialty vehicles for the Tattinsky district of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) worth almost RUB 10 million in total. The vehicles to be purchased include a food tank truck, a DT-75 tractor, a tractor equipped with a drilling rig as well as motorboats and motorboat engines. The equipment will be used for the purpose of emergency response works during flood periods, as well as for preparing for the winter season.

"Over twenty operating facilities of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline are located in Yakutia. Charity support rendered to schools, hospitals, nursery schools and sports organisations is, in fact, investment in the future, in the people. By creating comfortable social conditions in the areas of our operation we retain our human resources potential," – explains Aleksandr Puzikov, Director General at Transneft East.

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