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Time of the Young. Scientific and Technical Youth Conference Held in Bryansk

Date of publication: 14 December 2017 Printable version

Talented and active young professionals represent a true find for any enterprise. Their skills, energy, new vision largely determine the future of companies and industries.

Finding a prospective employee is not enough. It’s no less important to retain the graduates from secondary and higher educational institutions at the enterprise. Assistance, support, creating all conditions for self-actualization is the principle of Transneft Druzhba JSC operations with newcomers. No wonder that lots of youths that enjoy what they do are not engaged in the Company.

You could have made sure of that during the second round of Stage 1 of Transneft’s Global Scientific and Technical Youth Conference and Companies – Members of the Global Association of Oil Transporters held in Bryansk on December 6-8.

The young professionals of the enterprise have presented their developments on this platform for 18 years already, and the best of them are later introduced in the company’s systems.

Fresh ideas

This year, 41 young professionals of the enterprise became participants in the conference. They presented 26 projects: it is the work preliminarily selected in the Company’s branches: Bryansk, Michurinsk, Kuybyshev and Pensa Regional Departments, as well as in the Administration. The project topics are different: from oil pipeline construction and automation of technological processes to environmental safety and management. But all of them are consolidated by the single goal – to improve oil pipeliner’s work efficiency and quality.

The oil pipeline reliability determines the timely “black gold” supply, and environmental safety, and many other things. So special care is taken of its reliability. The new personnel offered its own ideas. For instance, master Alexander Solodukho proposed some efficient methods of using air drones in examining the linear portion of the oil trunk pipelines. The young professional’s practical and non-standard approach was appreciated and found best in its section.

The company’s young professionals display their talent both at work and on stage

Engineer Xenia Anufrikova and the instrumentation and automation fitter Alexey Androsov developed the unit that helps check the tank volume. The two specialists’ joint project was successful and was also appreciated by the jury.

Automation era

The contest commission determined the most interesting work in each of the seven sections. And engineers Dmitry Mikaltsov, Ilya Kadantsev and Dmitry Dadonov were recognized as the conference’s leaders. They propose automation of technological processes at power supply facilities, by introducing micro-processor devices.

The young engineers admitted it was not easy to win. They had to take into account a lot of subtleties, but their elder colleagues helped with advice. The novices noted their comments and completed the project successfully. Young engineers are particularly glad that the project may be practically implemented in the future.

“Work should bring not only money but pleasure”, too, believes Dmitry Mikhaltsov. “When it does, the employee will try to do his best to perform it.”

Engineers Alexander Shaparev, Julia Baranova and Andrey Razikov, who won the silver prize, are pleased with their deliverable, too. They proposed a simple decision that is cheap in installation: data transmission from linear control points via GSM channels. The equipment available at the enterprise will be used; but all data will be systemized. By observing these parameters, one can timely and correctly assess how oil is pumped, and if there are leaks.

Engineers Alexey Stashina and Andrey Goncharov who came in third, devoted their project to the pump assembly state monitoring. The vibromonitoring system with spectral analysis will control the equipment lifecycle. Quite visible and tangible utility stands behind the intricate name for a layman. An operating pump rolls, and if any defects appear in it, a mini vibration that cannot be noticed at initial stages occurs – it can be recorded by special devices only. Vibration parameters are now measured once a year. After implementation of the new development, the assembly status would be monitored remotely every 30 minutes. The equipment would operate at facilities non-stop and warn of the smallest fault.

We are proud of being oil pipeliners

“Such developments are critical for us,” says Dmitry Buzlaev, the Company’s Chief Engineer. “The youths’ vision, their unexpected solutions enable to have a new look at those production processes that seem routine now. Hopefully, the conference participants will remain committed to constant search and energy, and will channel it towards the industry development.”

This year, the Event Program was especially busy. Before defending the projects, the youths competed in the Struggle of Minds where they gave a display of their broad erudition. The main prize, Chrystal Owl, was won by the the Michurinsk District Department.

To finish the conference and according to the established tradition, all new employees (64 of them were hired to Druzhba this year) passed the consecration in profession – unction with oil.

“What is a pipeliner’s work?” instructed Oleg Bogomolov, General Manager of Transneft Druzhba JSC. “It is a hard labor, daily mastering of your profession, and great responsibility day and night. I wish young professionals would take pride in their work and, by looking back at the veterans, their colleagues, would make the right decisions.”

Creative and ambitious

The guys have such commitment to success in profession. Alena Obydennaya and Anastasia Fokina graduated from I.M. Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University. The girls were hired at the enterprise not so long ago, so they were unable to take part in the contest; but they admitted they had an idea for the future project. So far, they have looked at and learned from their colleagues. And the girls take an active part in other events: concerts, sports competitions, contests.

“When joining the company, we found ourselves in a young specialists’ session,” told Aliona Obydennaya. “It helped us establish contacts with colleagues and not to be afraid of difficulties because you know to whom to turn for advice in working and creative issues.”

Next year, the girls are willing to present a joint project, and the distance (Alena works in Orel, and Nastya, in Unecha) is not an obstacle for them.

“We are in the 21st century,” the oil pipeliners say, “and can get in touch and resolve questions.”

Looking at them, you believe they will succeed.

By the way

The Company’s employees are successful at the federal level: last year, the project of the programming engineers, Pavel Zhukov and Dmitry Konokhov, devoted to the validation of the micro-processor automatic system protections, won the second prize. Last May, Druzhba’s three young employees won prizes at the Global Contest of Scientific, Technical and Innovative Developments in Fuel, Energy and Processing Industries. Many projects presented at previous contests have already been introduced at the enterprise – for instance, the devices for pipe assembly in the collapsible pipelines on the site were implemented at Druzhba facilities.

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