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Special Supplement Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Oil Transportation

Date of publication: 11 December 2017 Printable version

11 December 2017 No. 7446


Nature issues certificates

Oil pipeline workers preserve flora and fauna in their presence regions

We work according to ecological standards

Transneft intends to increase investments into environmental protection

Money flows to budget

Oil industry will remain an economic well-being source

Technologies join

Interregional Collaboration Forum of Russia and Kazakhstan was conducted in the Urals

Experience is in demand in the world

Transneft strengthens international contacts

Diesel goes to Novorossiysk

Diesel fuel started to be transported to the Black Sea port

Extension to the East

Transneft increases the efficiency of ESPO (Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean) oil pipeline

Take to the assembly line

Development of petroleum products pipelines system changes the market structure

Reach the pipe

The company operates reliable and efficient motor vehicles

Special personnel

Training programmes for oil and gas specialists correspond to the times

Everybody is a champion

Professional competitions increase competence of oil pipeline workers

Capture the moment running away

Transneft’s photographers are the heroes of the Ecological Week

Industry in a green frame

Works of Transneft’s photographers were shown at Manezhnaya square

Release into large waters

The company helps to reproduce the country’s biological resources

Despite all the elements

Fort Ross remains the territory of Russian and American collaboration

Classes are top-class

The company provides a possibility for children to study according to modern methods

Impressing scopes

The scientists assessed the work of Sheskharis Transshipment Complex

Arctic ecological forces

Volunteers are ready to remove rubbish from a northern island

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