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The product will be delivered to Tikhoretsk

Date of publication: 29 November 2017 Printable version

Transneft completed construction work at Tinguta pipe-end pump station (PEPS) in Volgograd Region. This is the largest facility of the second stage of “Yug” investment project of the major oil transportation company of the country. The technical customer of the construction was a subsidiary of Transneft - Pipeline Construction Directorate. The project includes not only construction of new facilities, but also revamping of the existing facilities.

Tinguta PEPS is designed for pumping of diesel fuel along the petroleum products trunk pipeline in the direction of Tikhoretsk. The area of the construction site makes 33 hectares, there are 56 buildings and structures. The work began here "from scratch" in 2015. All buildings have piles foundations.

"In total 4.5 thousand piles were drived, and a concrete mixing station was built close to the construction site to ensure continuous pouring of the foundations and to optimize the transport scheme,” – Pavel Titovskiy, the Head of the Service for the Construction of the OPS of Headquarters No. 6 of Transneft PCD, said. – At the peak of construction, the number of employees reached 1,050 people, 115 units of equipment were used: pile driving and digging vehicles, bulldozers, excavators, dumpers, 270 thousand cubic meters of sand brought from outside were used to build the embankment.”

In the territory of the PEPS there are four fuel storage tanks and two emergency fuel spill tanks. Here, there is also a booster pump house and a trunk pump house with 4 pump units, two fire water tanks and a sludge dewatering station. There are three treatment stations: production waste and storm water, utility water and drinking water treatment stations. Having passed all the stages of purification and disinfection by ultraviolet lamps, the indicators of the wastewater will correspond to the indicators of the water of fishery value.

Transneft has already started to fill the pipeline with petroleum products, complex testing under load is under way. In December, after commissioning of the station, diesel fuel will be transported from Volgograd Refinery to Novorossiysk port.

Completion of the second stage of “Yug” project will ensure delivery of the aggregate amount of 6 million tons of diesel fuel from the Volga region to the southern part of Russia per year. The delivery capacity of the section Volgograd Refinery – Tinguta PEPS will make 4 million tons of diesel fuel per year, another 2 million tons will be pumped through a railroad overpass under construction. Trains with tanks filled with the products from the plants of Saratov and Orenburg Regions will directly access the station. From here, using its own pumping station, the products will be pumped to the tanks of Tinguta PEPS. The length of the railway lines is 3.2 kilometers, and the total length of all the lines under construction is more than 7 kilometers. It is planned to complete construction of the unloading facility in 2018.

Pumping of diesel fuel from Volgograd PEPS to Tinguta PEPS will be carried out by three pump units, which are made of domestic components only at the plant of Transneft in Chelyabinsk. This is a part of the import substitution programme, due to which the company expects to go completely without foreign components in the future.

Volgograd – Tikhoretsk PPTP will ensure petroleum products transportation in the direction of the Black Sea coast from Tinguta PEPS to Tikhoretsk oil transshipment depot and further along Tikhoretsk – Novorossiysk petroleum products pipeline. Thus, Transneft will increase its share in transportation of EURO-5 diesel fuel.

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