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Green light to the youth

Date of publication: 22 November 2017 Printable version

Transneft Urals ensures good conditions for professional growth and scientific creativity of young specialists. The objective of the youth is to use the opportunities in the most efficient way.

The winners and prizetakers of the XIVth Young Professionals Science and Technology Conference of Transneft Urals.

Several days ago Transneft Urals organized the 2nd stage of the 1st round of the Young Professionals Science and Technology Conference. Dozens of young men and women came to Ufa from all branches of the joint-stock company to share their scientific surveys, to communicate and to discuss relevant issues. Students of USOTU took part in the conference too. Our correspondent got to know, what the life of the company’s young specialists is like, what for they need science and what are the prospects for our yesterday's students.

The Science and Technology Conference, which took place on 14—16 November, was the 14th one and the second one with the international status. The winners of this stage will participate in the second stage and, provided that they are a success, — in the final round of the conference of Transneft in Kazan. It is a very serious level, taking into account the fact that the committee of the conference will include representatives of international oil transportation organizations, and the winners will be invited to a tour to pipeline facilities of the US. Winners and prizetakers of all stages will receive solid monetary prizes. The winner of the final round will receive the premium amounting to RUB100,000, the second place — RUB80,000, the third place — RUB60,000. A good incentive for young people, isn’t it?

Of course, money is a serious thing, but it is not the main thing, judging by the speeches of the participants and communication with them on the sidelines. The desire to realize themselves in creativity, to conquer his or her scientific peak, is much stronger. And despite the fact that success does not come immediately, it it worth going that way.

The annual Research and Development Conference is an important event in the life of Transneft-Urals. Employees of the company under 30 and students of USOTU participate in it. At this conference, more than 50 speeches were made, 7 sections were working, covering the main areas of the company’s activities and a special "student" section. Active participation of young people in conferences is an indispensable condition for their professional and career growth.

There can’t be excessive knowledge

If was not the first time when Filipp Karpov, a student in the master's programme of USOTU, participated in the conference. Making a speech among young colleagues to authoritative specialists is a good opportunity to present the future master's thesis. His speech was devoted to methods of studying the degradation of anti-turbulence additives.

– I did practical training in Transneft Urals and I want to work there after graduation: I'll probably start my work as a linear pipeliner to gain practical experience, – Filipp said. – I have been studying this topic for four years. I set myself the objective to calculate the indicators of the process of degradation of additives that speed up the oil pumping process. The work is still theoretical, based on book data. I think I will continue to develop this topic, so, comments and recommendations are very important for me.

For Natalia Olkhovskaya, Financial Economist of Chelyabinsk Oil Pipeline Directorate (OPD), this conference is the third one already. She made a speech on automation of settlements under contracts for lease of vehicles. The young woman presented a concept of a software module that allows to minimize errors caused by the human factor. Natalia believes that participation in such events gives young professionals a lot of advantages: it is the opportunity of informal communication with colleagues from different cities and widening of the professional horizon.

– An important positive thing is that the management supports us, — Natalia Olkhovskaya said. – At previous conferences, I won prizes twice. It is a good motivation.

According to the results of this conference, Natalia took the honourable 3rd place, and according to the results of the contest among the young specialists – the 2nd place.

It is not easy to make first steps in the profession. Fortunately, Transneft Urals supports newcomers. There are Young Professionals Councils at the levels of the company and its branches that render assistance in adaptation and solving social and production problems. The Councils are responsible for advanced training, competitions and many other issues. The mentoring system is another advantage of Transneft Urals. Each newcomer is given a mentor, who helps him or her to effectively adapt to the company and the team.

– One of the purposes of the Council is to help newcomers feel comfortable in the new team, Marat Mametaliev, Chairman of the Young Professionals Council of Tuimazy OPD, said. – We organize trainings, teambuilding, leisure time. Young people from different regions gather together at various events, games and quests, we communicate, share problems, experience and start working with new forces. Today, the conference was attended by newcomers working for less than a year. Now they were guests, but next year we expect to see them already as participants.

Employees of Transneft-Urals under 30 with a higher or secondary professional education with full-time attendance, who are employed by the company during 3 years from their graduation, receive the status of a young specialist. They are considered a separate category of employees, for which there are special measures on their adaptation to the working conditions and opportunities for their professional growth and realization of creative potential.

The opportunity to prove yourself

It's time to sum up the results and to award the winners and prizetakers. The audience is slightly excited, everyone hopes that his or her business unit will be the winner. In the section “Design, operation, construction and revamping of oil trunk pipelines”, the 1st place was taken by Emil Nurislamov (Chelyabinsk OPD).

– It’s a great honour for me to be the first at this conference, – Emil said. – I wish all young specialists to be confident about their abilities, to strive for new knowledge, to be more active and more creative in their work and in life.

According to the results of the section “Mechanical and power equipment, corrosion protection”, the 1st place was taken by Egor Mikhaylov (Tuimazy OPD) and the second place among the speakers in the section “Automated plant control systems; communications” was taken by his colleague, Aynur Shaykhutdinov (the 1st place was not awarded). In the section “Industrial, fire and environmental safety, occupational health”, the first place diploma was awarded to Tamara Morozova (Kurgan OPD). In the section “Supervisory control.  Commodity and transport operations, metrology” the first place was taken by Zemfira Kutlyeva (Arlan OPD). In the section “Economics, management, and legal issues” the 1st place was taken by Aygul Ganieva (Cherkassy OPD). In the section “New Approach analytical and theoretical projects for innovative development of Transneft activities, technologies, industrial and business processes” the winners were Farit Galiautdinov and Kirill Lukianov. Based on the results of the work of the student section, the first place diploma was awarded to Vladislav Kniazev, a student of USOTU.

To the extent of the conference, the results of the contest among the young specialists of the company were summed up. The winner was Regina Sharafutdinova (Cherkassy OPD). The best Young Professionals Council was the Council of Kurgan OPD.

Summing up the results of the conference, Timur Bezymiannikov, Director General of Transneft Urals, advised the youth to continue working on their projects, to search for and to introduce something new, innovative:

– We want to see you creative, purposeful, enterprising. It should be noted that all members of the current management began their career from workforce positions. At that time it was more difficult to get promoted, there were not so many ways to prove yourself. Today everything has changed. Dare, and we will help you!


Timur Bezymiannikov, Director General of Transneft Urals:

- At the conference, we saw a variety of research papers, among them there are very interesting ones, containing new ideas. The objective of the company is to develop them and to apply them in practice. There are many examples when research papers of young specialists were applied in practice and had an economic effect of some dozens millions rubles. Young people, who proved themselves worthy in science will have the opportunity to receive additional education and to continue to develop in their professional field.

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