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Lessons of music and goodness

Date of publication: 6 March 2013
Lessons of music and goodness

The popular Russian singer and composer, Dmitriy Malikov visited Ufa on February 28. The artist gave a master class for students of music schools at the Palace of Culture Neftyanik.

Do you think lessons are boring? That is just not so if you get a showbusiness star as a teacher! Just the other day, this unusual lesson took place for music students in Ufa. The teacher in front of them was the famous singer and composer, Dmitriy Malikov, who was visiting the capital in the context of the socio-educational project - Music Lessons. The project focuses specifically on musically gifted children and has already covered 15 cities. By the way, in Dmitriy Malikov’s master classes, students are not only spectators, but active participants in the lessons. Together with the artist they sing and play complex instrumental works with four, or even six hands.

The Neftyanik House of Culture was overflowing; this singer is greatly appreciated in Ufa. In addition to the young musicians, their parents, music school students came to hear Dmitriy Malikov. The singer and composer lived up to the public’s expectations - not only did he give a lot of useful tips to novice musicians, but he also shared memories of his first steps in the music industry with all of his fans.

Dmitriy Malikov told us how the idea of ​​Music Lessons came up:

- During a tour, one of the city administrations asked me to visit a music school after the concert, to meet with the children and to conduct a master class. I agreed. This visit made a lasting impression on me, even more thrilling than the actual concert tours. So, I decided to develop this idea.

The musician’s initiative was backed by government officials (the first to respond was Mikhail Babich, the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in the Volga Federal District, and that’s why the project was launched in this district), and, most importantly, by the business community - the largest companies in the country responded to an appeal to support Music Lessons.

- The main objective of my master classes is to awaken children’s interest in music, and convince parents that they should send their children to music schools – Dmitriy said from the stage - As a child, I myself ran out of my music classes. My father even had to hang his belt in a prominent place so that I didn’t leave the house before the lesson! Being a musician is hard, but, after such a creative meeting, if at least one, two or three children refuse to leave their music school, this will be my merit. Suppose one of you becomes the new Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff?

The musician ceased to doubt his own last words after the first performance, when talented youngsters from Ufa took to the stage. While the singer followed them closely and accompanied them, the young musicians played classical pieces, as well as some of Malikov’s works. Even though the kids had very little time to prepare, their performance was excellent! When the children’s choir Voskresenye sang “Happy Birthday, Mom” to the accompaniment of the artist, some mothers in the audience even burst into tears. Timofei Vladimirov, a 12-year-old student at Ufa Special Musical College masterfully played a composition “Night in Madrid” with Dimitriy with four hands together. The artist, in turn, assessed the performance of each participant and gave advice to these talented yougsters. In addition, all the performers received valuable gifts from their idol.

Dmitriy Malikov handed a certificate amounting to 320 thousand rubles to the representatives of the Ufa Special Musical College, an educational institution with more than forty years of history, whose students have won many awards at major music festivals, including international festivals. These funds, presented within the framework of the charity program of Transneft, JSC, will be used to purchase musical instruments and improve the material equipment of the college.

The star guest was not allowed to leave without gifts - Bashkir honey and a kurai (traditional Bashkir musical instrument). – I’ll learn how to play it! - said the singer.

- I was very happy when I learned that I would play with Dmitry. – stated Timofei as he shared his impressions after the concert - Of course, I was worried, but only before going on stage, and then I forgot about everything and played with great satisfaction.

No one was indifferent to the evening concert at the Palace of Culture, neither the kids who performed on stage nor their parents, not even young spectators in the audience!

- It’s nice when kids, who are just starting to play music, see an example before them. Dmitriy inspired us and our children to move on, try to become the best in that field. - said the parents – We’d like to thank him very much!

Thanks to the sponsorship program, Music Lessons will be held in 50 Russian cities.



March 6, 2013 Komsomolskaya Pravda


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