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Statement of Transneft Press Service

Date of publication: 18 November 2021, presenting themselves as “the world's most popular energy news website covering global energy issues”, has published an article titled Russia's Biggest Move to Gain Control over European Gas Market, infested with false speculations.

Citing unnamed “high-ranking Russian officials”, the periodical claims, among other things, that Transneft will allegedly hold a stake in the development of the Chalous gas field in Iran and will carry out transportation and related operations under some kind of a “deal”.

That news was officially refuted by the Russian Embassy in Iran.

We stand with the embassy's position and would like to remind the disinformation specialists at and Russian colleagues excessively relying on artificial intelligence that Transneft, as an oil and petroleum products transportation company, is not involved in any gas production projects overseas.

We closely follow’s publications and await news on hydrogen fuel transportation by Transneft.

Transneft Press Service
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