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Statement of Transneft Press Service

Date of publication: 3 April 2021

In view of fake news published by media with low social responsibility on the alleged criminal investigation under way at one of the Transneft subsidiaries, we have to state that Transneft and all of its business units and subsidiaries are operating under the standard protocol, and that there were no searches or arrests done by police or in-house security divisions.

We consider statements published by similar media about the so-called filed charges against Transneft in view of alleged defaults on tax payments by Khortytsia and Matyushkinski Uchastok, to be as ill-grounded as their above-mentioned fake news.

We see these messages not as an April Fools’ Day joke, but as purposefully spread misinformation from a certain well-known center to tarnish reputation of the Company. Furthermore, holding a discussion in this way evidently shows true colours of those who order such fake news.

Transneft Press Service
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