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Statement of Transneft Press Service

Date of publication: 2 April 2021

On 01 April 2021, a statement was published on the website of Rosneft on behalf of the company, as well as in the name of Transneft “on taking joint actions to preclude crude oil contamination in the process of its upstream conditioning and on settling a number of pressing issues.” In this respect we have to highlight a number of misleading points mentioned in this document.

1. The statement that the issue of compensation for damage has already been settled with PKN Orlen and Shell is far from the perfect picture painted in the Rosneft statement.

2. Transneft did not participate in making this statement. The fact that Rosneft decided to speak on behalf of Transneft on the first of April raises eyebrows if nothing else.

Yet we strongly agree with the second part of the statement which says that “Rosneft and Transneft are partners on a number of important projects, maintaining robust business relations and ongoing close contacts.”

Transneft Press Service
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