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Transneft Increases Petroleum Products Transportation Volume to Vysotsk to 3.5 MTPA

Date of publication: 22 January 2021

Transneft has completed its project of building up the petroleum products transportation volume in the direction of the Vysotsk distribution and transshipment complex (DTC) from the port of Primorsk to 3.5 MTPA a year before the set deadline.

As part of the agreement with LUKOIL-Trans, the pipeline offshoot from the port of Primorsk to the Vysotsk LUKOIL-II DTC has been connected and its comprehensive testing has been completed. At present, commodity supplies to the Vysotsk DTC at the level of 10,000 tonnes a day are carried out.

The revamping of facilities at the oil depot No. 2 in the port of Primorsk has been performed in order to implement the project. Since 2019, two emergency release tanks, each having the capacity of 1,000 m3, have been built along with a 93-metre overhead cable tray; 450 metres of pipelines have been installed, a mainline pump has been renewed and the number of mainline pump units has been increased from two to four.

Preparatory works aimed at increasing the delivery capacity of the petroleum products trunk pipeline system are being currently performed to build up the volumes of diesel fuel transported in the direction of the Vysotsk DTC to 5.0 MTPA. The project is to be completed at the end of 2024.

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