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Statement of Transneft Press Service

Date of publication: 1 June 2020

On 28 May 2020, RBC published an article titled Head of Transneft Asks Putin to Support his Company in Times of Crisis, thus initiating the dissemination of contagious false information affecting the Company’s image and good repute. In this publication RBC deliberately and unjustifiably aligns our company with those representatives of big business who cadge various benefits and preferences from national leadership at the expense of other market players.

In reality the Head of Transneft reported on the Company’s stable and reliable operation to Russian President, notwithstanding the rampant pandemic and well-known OPEC+ deal. All business and production plans have been fulfilled and the Company’s performance indicators improved compared to previous periods. Together with federal executive authorities we work on attenuating the aftermaths of the coronavirus pandemic. A verbatim report of the conversation is posted on the Russian President’s website. The issue of pumping tariffs was not even mentioned at the meeting with the national leader.

It is deeply regrettable that RBC hastened again to publish materials distorting reality about the activities of Transneft, thus provoking the replication of incredible information by some media known for their weak social responsibility.

Transneft Press Service
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