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REM to Develop Induction Traction Motors for Rolling Stock

Date of publication: 6 February 2020

RUSSIAN ELECTRIC MOTORS (REM), Transneft’s factory manufacturing high-voltage electric motors, and the Tyagovye Komponenty company (Traction Components), part of Sinara Group, have signed a long-term contract for the development, production and supply of 6,000 induction traction motors with a capacity of 1,000 kW to be used on rolling stock.

The use of induction traction motors with higher operational characteristics instead of direct current commutator motors is an upcoming trend in the locomotive engineering industry in Russia.

The signing ceremony was held on 06 February 2020 at Transneft’s central office in Moscow in the presence of President of the Company Nikolay Tokarev, Vice President of Transneft Pavel Revel-Muroz, President of Sinara Group Dmitry Pumpyansky. The document was signed by Director General of REM Nikita Prokopenko and Director General of Tyagovye Komponenty Aleksandr Saltayev.

According to the agreement, REM will perform R&D works, manufacture traction motors prototypes and carry out necessary testing with the participation of specialists from Tyagovye Komponenty in 2020. At present, the REM plant develops engineering documentation for the ATD1000 traction motors prototypes. The production of the first two prototypes is scheduled for summer 2020.

In 2021, REM will organise batch production of traction motors, within which the plant will manufacture a pilot batch of traction motors. The batch production and delivery of traction motors will be carried out according to requests from Tyagovye Komponenty in 2022-2028.

The long-term contract was concluded as a result of work carried out by the parties in 2019 as part of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between Transneft and Sinara Group signed on 01 July 2019. The prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between Transneft and Sinara Group are not limited to the concluded contract and will be further developed in accordance with the cooperation agreement.

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