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Statement of Press Service in Wake of Misinformation Spread by Thomson Reuters

Date of publication: 31 January 2020

In the wake of misinformation spread by Thomson Reuters, regarding the payment of compensations to the companies that suffered losses caused by the incident with excessive levels of organic chlorides in the Druzhba oil pipeline, Transneft’s press service has the following to state.

There is a constructive dialogue going on with all companies affected, within the possible amount of compensatory payments approved by Transneft Board of Directors. After acceptable results are achieved, the Company’s press service will timely inform all individuals and legal entities concerned about these results.

Transneft considers the amount of the reserve allocated for this purpose justified and sufficient to make up for corroborated actual expenditures of all consignors.

Nevertheless, on 30 January 2020 the Moscow editorial office of Thomson Reuters very strangely interpreted the denial to comment by all entities involved (the Agency’s statement lists a dozen of companies) which were addressed by the Agency’s employees regarding this issue. Based on the entities’ refusal to engage in dialogue with them and referring to some anonymous “sources”, the Agency’s employees made false statements regarding the upcoming payments by Transneft, whereas Thomson Reuters hastily spread this misinformation over its channels. 

Having no intention to investigate the reasons for this misinformation, our Company introduces an embargo on providing any data for this non-professional community and will recommend its partners to follow suit.

Transneft Press Service
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