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Transneft Siberia Commissions Industrial Facility at Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant

Date of publication: 17 December 2019 Printable version

Pictured: a new industrial facility at the premises of the Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant being commissioned

Transneft Siberia commissioned a new industrial facility at the premises of the Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant (TMRP) in the city of Tyumen on 17 December 2019.

In a solemn setting, President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev ordered the launch of the new facility. Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov, Tyumen Region Governor Alexander Moor, Director General of Transneft Siberia Viktor Bronnikov and other officials participated in the event.

The project implementation was part of the contract signed in June 2017 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the government of Tyumen Region and Transneft Siberia. The level of investments nears RUB 3 billion.

The industrial facility at TMRP will provide engineering products for Transneft subsidiaries, as well as nonstandard metal structures, parts for the maintenance and repair of oil pumping equipment, tank farms and pipelines.

The assembly and welding shop of the new facility is tooled up with modern high-tech equipment with computerised numerical control (a thermal sheet cutter, a laser rolled metal cutter, a press brake, roller benders and a robotic welding complex). The shop structure and its outfitting with process equipment will enable an uninterrupted manufacturing cycle, as well as implementation of promising developments.

Batch production at the industrial facility will get started in 2020. Given the new capacity put into operation at TMRP, the plan calls for 8,600 tonnes of metal structures to be manufactured yearly. The TMRP product lineup currently covers 1,800 pieces and will be augmented by 310 new ones.

We are thus witnessing a steady buildup of top-quality equipment manufactured in the Russian Federation in keeping with a large-scale import substitution programme implemented by Transneft.

TMRP will step up the manufacture of equipment for wastewater treatment facilities, as well as for repair and maintenance operations in swampland. The output of specialised equipment for operating pipeline transport, as well as of spare parts for mainline and booster pumps, will also increase.

All TMRP products will be used by Transneft subsidiaries in the process of technical upgrading and modernisation of pipeline transport facilities.

Given the energy saving principles, Transneft used energy efficient technologies in the construction of the industrial facility. This includes LED lighting installed in the shops and a solar farm (solar station) installed on the roof of the warehouse complex as an extra source of electric power supply. Gas-powered infrared sources are used to heat industrial premises.

The opening of new production facilities will greatly contribute to socioeconomic development of the region. The taxes to be paid by Transneft Siberia till 2025 during the term of contract are planned in the amount of RUB 338 million. With the commissioning of the new industrial facility, 200 new jobs have been additionally created at TMRP.

For reference:

The machinery and repair plant is a business unit of Transneft Siberia providing Transneft subsidiaries with engineering products, nonstandard metal structures, as well as parts for the maintenance and repair of oil pumping equipment. The plant was established in 1977.

The Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant carries out activity along two main lines. The plant’s products meet the needs of Transneft Siberia and Transneft subsidiaries for spare parts, equipment for overhaul and revamping of pipeline transport facilities.  Furthermore, TMRP performs technical maintenance, routine repairs and overhaul of mechanical, process, energy, heating, metrological, I&A equipment.

From 2011 to 2017, the assembly and welding shop and the foundry section were revamped at TMRP, open warehouses for rolled metal and storage of finished products were built, the packaging manufacturing section was reconstructed and an X-ray laboratory was built. The manufacture of equipment for maintenance of oil trunk pipelines, as well as for industrial and household wastewater treatment facilities, has been launched.

In 2018, revamping of the machining shop was completed, with process equipment procured, including 16 high-tech machine tools with computerised numerical control. Foundry equipment was introduced, namely an oven with the capacity of up to 1,000 kg and an alpha-set technology molding unit.

The output of locally made spare parts for mainline and booster pumps has been mastered for the pumping of crude and petroleum products, within the framework of the import substitution programme at Transneft Oil Pumps in the city of Chelyabinsk.

Pictured: examination of the new industrial facility at the premises of Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant

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