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Expert Board of Transneft Meeting on Security Issues

Date of publication: 6 December 2018 Printable version

Pictured (left to right): Advisor to the President of Transneft Vladimir Svinarev, Vice President of Transneft Vladimir Rushailo, President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev, Vice Presidents Pavel Revel-Muroz and Larisa Kalanda.

On 6 December 2018, the Expert Board of Transneft held a meeting on matters of security in Moscow’s President Hotel. The participants discussed the current state of and outlook for Transneft engagement with public authorities and law enforcement bodies, to ensure safe operation of oil and petroleum products trunk pipeline facilities.

Participating in the Expert Board meeting were President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev, Vice Presidents Vladimir Rushailo, Pavel Revel-Muroz and Larisa Kalanda, directors general of Transneft subsidiaries, representatives of federal legislative and executive bodies, academic organisations and enterprises as well as independent experts.

In his introductory address, Expert Board Chairman and President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev pointed out that the engagement of fuel and energy companies with federal government agencies, regional authorities and local governance bodies is one of the key principles in ensuring security. While performing its strategically important mission of managing a unified system of trunk pipelines and the process of oil and petroleum products transportation to home and foreign markets, Transneft interacts with a wide range of government bodies and companies having various forms of incorporation.

Vice President of Transneft Vladimir Rushailo brought into view of the Expert Board members several issues related to measures that need to be taken to improve Transneft engagement with public authorities, law enforcement bodies and security agencies. This interaction is vitally important to ensure the safety, anti-terrorist protection and information security at oil and petroleum products trunk pipeline transport facilities. He suggested that they should consider developing new versions of the existing liaison agreements between Transneft and federal executive authorities, to take into account changes in the federal law and law-enforcement practice.

Vice President of Transneft Pavel Revel-Muroz updated those present on interaction between subjects of Transneft Emergency Prevention and Response System as well as Transneft subsidiaries with federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation in addressing the tasks of emergency prevention and response. He also informed about Transneft taking an active part in the improvement of Russian environment conservation statutes.  

Mr. Revel-Muroz pointed out that joint work within the framework of the agreements with federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation is instrumental in continual refining of the legal and regulatory framework as well as technological solutions assuring higher operational reliability. This helps minimise possible risks in the operation of trunk pipeline transport facilities.

 Director General of Transneft Far East Roman Kovalev reported on the interaction between the entities that ensure fire, industrial and environmental safety as well as antiterrorist protection of the fuel and energy facilities in Russia’s Far East. He emphasised that improving the regulatory aspects, forms and methods of interaction between all fuel and energy security agencies will enhance the efficiency of the work done.

Taking an active part in the discussion that followed were Member of the Federation Council Committee on the Budget and Financial Markets under the RF Federal Assembly Mr. D. Savelyev; Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee under the RF Federal Assembly on Economic Policy Mr. M. Ponomarev; State Secretary and Deputy Governor at the Bank of Russia Mr. A. Torshin; Deputy Chairman of the “P” Directorate at Economic Security Service of the FSB of Russia Mr. L. Voronin; Head of the Main Directorate for Oversight of National Law Execution at the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian federation Mr. A. Palamarchuk; Vice Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee Mr. A. Fyodorov; Deputy Chairman of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) Mr. A. Trembitsky; Head of Staff at the State Duma Committee on Security and Corruption Control Mr. Y. Demidov; Moscow Region Government Security and Anti-Corruption Minister Mr. R. Karataev; Deputy Chief of the Main Department of State Expertise Mr. V. Vernigor; Director of STC Energy Security (Energobezopasnost) under Rostechnadzor Mr. E. Kutilin; Professor at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) Mr. M. Lurie; Board Chairman of All-Russia Public Organisation “Association of Lawyers of Russia” Mr. V. Gruzdev.

At the end of the meeting the participants highlighted the need to further improve the regulatory framework in the sphere of national energy security, including better protection of the fuel and energy sector.

Members of the Expert Board expressed their confidence that the given meeting would facilitate better engagement of Transneft with public authorities and law enforcement bodies, to address the task of ensuring the security of oil and petroleum product trunk pipeline transport facilities.

Pictured: Transneft Expert Board meeting on security issues

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