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Rospatent Registers Elements of Transneft's Renewed Corporate Identity

Date of publication: 26 September 2018 Printable version

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has registered elements of Transneft's renewed corporate identity, accepted for use by the Company in 2017.

Different variations of the Company's name written using Cyrillic and Latin scripts were registered as trademarks, as well as a symbol in the form of a stylised image of a bird, and their possible combinations (trademarks 665185, 665820, 665821, 666528, 666529, 666530, 666531, 669189).

Also registered as a trademark was the image of arched stripes widely used at Transneft's main infrastructure facilities, which are also used by the Company when participating in Russian and international exhibitions and are featured on various print materials and souvenir products.

Another graphic element of Transneft's corporate style that received legal protection as a trademark is a pattern widely used in the production of Transneft’s branded clothing and promotional materials.

The registration of Transneft's renewed corporate identity elements as trademarks provides unconditional protection of both the Company's main logo and graphic elements used by Transneft in its operations that are recognised in Russia and abroad.

The renewed corporate identity symbolises innovative leadership in pipeline transportation and guarantees impeccable quality of services provided by Transneft in the field of oil and petroleum products transportation.

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