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Transneft Holds Best in Profession Contest

Date of publication: 9 August 2018 Printable version

Pictured: an opening ceremony for the  Best in Profession contest among workers of Transneft subsidiaries

Winners of the 18th Best in Profession contest among employees of Transneft subsidiaries have been named. The contest was held in the city of Bryansk at the premises of Transneft Druzhba.

This year, the event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Transneft. The contest was held from 6th to 9th August 2018 at the site of the Company’s production and operations directorate (POD) as well as at the facilities of Bryansk Regional Directorate: Unecha line operations dispatcher station (LODS) and Bryansk loading depot.

The opening ceremony was attended by Aleksandr Bogomaz, the Governor of Bryansk Region.

“We are very pleased to host such an event. The control centre for the Russian part of the Druzhba oil pipeline is located in Bryansk, being one of the main taxpayers of the region as well as our chief social investor. In recent years, a cultural centre has been built in the region; a school and a hospital have undergone a major repair. Sports grounds are being built. These are good examples of mutually beneficial cooperation, which we’re going to continue,” the governor underlined.

Boris Korol and Pavel Revel-Muroz, Vice Presidents of Transneft, visited the contest venues.

“The Company pays huge attention to personnel training, the professional contest being the acme of this major and complex effort. Participants of the Best in Profession contest are the golden link of the entire Transneft system,” said Mr Korol.

 “This year, the competition between the contestants was very stiff. As our Company keeps developing, new automation and digitisation processes are being implemented; yet the main element is people who do their best for Transneft to operate reliably 24 hours a day. Only together we can move ahead, developing our system for the benefit of the Company and Russia,” stated Mr Revel-Muroz at the awarding ceremony.

Oleg Bogomolov, Director General of Transneft Druzhba, pointed out in his address, that the enterprise “did a lot for the contestants to show excellent performance and to leave this place deeply satisfied.”

In addition to having efficiently set up the contest venues, Transneft Druzhba, which welcomed contestants from all parts of Russia this year, provided transport support, field kitchens and all the heavy vehicles needed for the contest.

Among the participants were 179 employees from 19 subsidiaries of the Company. The best representatives of 13 blue-collar professions of the oil pipeline industry were named: commodity loading operators, chemical analysis laboratory assistants, electric and gas welders, petroleum products pumping stations (PPPS) operators, instrumentation and automation fitters, processing units repairmen, line pipeliners, petroleum products loading operators, petroleum products chemical analysis laboratory assistants, electric equipment repair and maintenance fitters, truck drivers, security guards. This year, excavator operators took part in the finals for the first time.  

The contest participants demonstrated their theoretical knowledge and passed practical tests. Prize-winners were named at the awarding ceremony on 9 August 2018.

The ceremony ended with the Best in Profession contest token, the golden barrel, being awarded to Transneft Volga Region, that will host the finals in 2019.

Given below is the winners list of the 18th Best in Profession Contest:

Best petroleum products pumping station operator

First prize: Konstantin Katilov, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Margarita Kabanova, Transneft Siberia

Third prize: Yulia Pankova, Transneft Central Siberia

Best commodity loading operator

First prize: Maksim Pureskin, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Yegor Pleshchenko, Transneft Primorsk Port

Third prize: Tatyana Loginova, Transneft Urals

Best petroleum products loading operator

First prize: Aleksey Turovsky, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Karina Nasyrova, Transneft Urals

Third prize: Elena Vasilyeva, Transneft Baltic

Best instrumentation and automation fitter

First prize: Dmitry Danilenko, Transneft Baltic

Second prize: Dmitry Aleshkovsky, Transneft North

Third prize: Aleksey Yegorov, Transneft Druzhba

Best processing units repairman

First prize: Sergey Klimov, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Aleksandr Kupriyanov, Transneft Volga Region

Third prize: Nikolay Shurygin, Transneft Upper Volga

Best line pipeliner

First prize: Aleksey Guskov, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Andrey Tulubensky, Transneft North

Third prize: Aleksandr Kalinichev, Transneft Upper Volga

Best chemical analysis laboratory assistant

First prize: Gulshat Nasibullina, Transneft Urals

Second prize: Irina Ogneva, Transneft Druzhba

Third prize: Alla Mishina, Transneft Upper Volga

Best petroleum products chemical analysis laboratory assistant

First prize: Victoria Maksakova, Transneft Western Siberia

Second prize: Diana Zaripova, Transneft Baltic

Third prize: Svetlana Malyushko, Transneft Druzhba

Best truck driver

First prize: Yury Leshchevich, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Viktor Shulganov, Transneft Kama Region

Third prize: Aleksey Kryukov, Transneft North

Best excavator operator

First prize: Dmitry Sinyukov, Transneft Druzhba

Second prize: Dmitry Titov, Transneft Upper Volga

Third prize: Aleksey Saprykin, Transneft Volga Region

Best electric and gas welder

First prize: Roman Zalomayev, Chernomortransneft

Second prize: Vitaly Lobzhanidze, Transneft North

Third prize: Nikolay Zhukov, Transneft Druzhba

Best electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter

First prize: Maksim Chastukhin, Transneft North

Second prize: Andrey Strulkov, Transneft Druzhba

Third prize: Vasily Druzhinin, Transneft Siberia

Best security guard

First prize: Nikolay Khvorostovsky, West-Siberian Interregional Directorate of Departmental Security (IIDDS) branch of Transneft Security

Second prize: Aleksandr Bogunyak, Far Eastern IDDS branch of Transneft Security

Third prize: Ivan Pilipenko, Siberian IDDS branch of Transneft Security

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