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Third meeting of Anti-Terror Security Commission of Transneft held in Moscow

Date of publication: 15 November 2017 Printable version

On 15 November 2017, Moscow hosted the third meeting of the Anti-Terror Security Commission of Transneft.

Opening the meeting, Transneft President Nikolay Tokarev informed those present about the agenda, and the key issues were ensuring the environmental safety at trunk pipelines in case of terrorist threats and the actual readiness of the Transneft Emergency Prevention and Response System.

Nikolay Tokarev pointed to the nationwide importance and special relevance of the environmental safety challenge. In particular, he underlined that real terrorist threats at a trunk pipeline transport facility may not only cause human victims, material losses and the disruption of crude oil and petroleum products supplies, but also result in grave environmental consequences.

Delivering her report, Director of the Transneft Security Department Marina Zuikova informed on the effort of preventing terrorist attacks and threats to environmental safety at oil and petroleum products trunk pipeline transport facilities. She emphasized that the execution of legislative provisions for preventing terrorist actions also helps address the challenge of ensuring the environmental safety. 

Security Department Director also mentioned the need to improve the anti-terrorist protection of oil and petroleum products trunk pipeline transport facilities. To prevent terrorist attacks and environmental safety threats at these facilities, it is necessary to equip them with technical security equipment within the set deadlines and to ramp up the work of equipping the Company’s linear FEC facilities. Interaction and taking joint prevention measures by the Company’s business units, Transneft entities and law enforcement bodies of Russia’s regions where oil trunk pipelines and petroleum products pipelines are laid, are also very important.   

Andrey Zaitsev, Director of the Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety Department at Transneft, reported on the measures taken by Transneft to meet the requirements of the environmental law in operating the industrial facilities of trunk pipelines, ensuring environmental safety protection and rational use of natural resources. He informed the meeting participants about the readiness of all units and departments to perform the works aimed at localization and mitigation of possible emergencies. 

Director General of Transneft Security reported on the measures taken by the Company to ensure the physical protection of its facilities under a real threat of terrorist attacks. He pointed out that in coordination with security directorates of Transneft entities and law enforcement bodies, his Company came up with a clear algorithm of joint response to emergencies that may entail environmental disasters.

For reference:

The Anti-terror Security Commission for Transneft and its subsidiaries was established in July 2016 and meets at least twice a year.

The Commission is a permanent body set up with the following goals: to coordinate the activities of security bodies  within Transneft in case of announcement of terrorist threat of any level in various parts of the Russian Federation; making decisions on additional measures to ensure sustainable functioning and anti-terror security of facilities and personnel; and improving interaction with federal executive authorities, local governments, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, and regional anti-terrorist commissions of the Russian Federation.

The Commission is chaired by Transneft President, Nikolay Tokarev, and its Deputy Chairman is the Company’s Vice President, Vladimir Rushailo. The Commission also includes First Vice President of Transneft, Maksim Grishanin, and other Company Vice Presidents: Larisa Kalanda, Boris Korol, Pavel Revel-Muroz, and Aleksey Sapsay.

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