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Transneft Issued Specification to TAIF Oil Company, JSC to Boost the Diesel Intake into the Pipeline System to 3.2 m Tons

Date of publication: 12 August 2015 Printable version

On 7 August 2015, Transneft, JSC issued specification to TAIF Oil Company, JSC (Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan) to boost diesel intake into the oil product trunk pipeline (OPTP) system to 3.2 m tons per annum.

This was the first time the specification was released, and before the diesel had been received under the OPTP construction project and transportation contracts.

The project stipulated yearly diesel intake from TAIF Oil Company at 1 m tons, whereas the actual intake totaled 1.3 m tons in 2014. The projected intake for 2015 is 1.3 m tons, followed by 1.5 m tons in 2016, 1.8 m tons in 2017, and 2.9 m tons annually in 2018-2019. From 2020 onwards, the annual diesel intake into the system is expected to reach 3.2 m tons.

Source: Interfax news agency
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