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Some Statements by President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev for Media

Date of publication: 13 October 2021

On 13 October 2021, President of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev took part in the Russian Energy Week international forum.  On the sidelines he answered some questions asked by media regarding the operation of the Company’s Belarussian subsidiary.

Transneft does not rule out the suspension of business activity by its Belarussian subsidiary which delivers petroleum products from Russian and Belarussian oil refineries to Hungary and Latvia via Belarus against the background of certain actions taken by the government of Belarus, Mr Tokarev said to media people.

Regrettably, the situation does not change for the better. Law enforcement bodies, public prosecutors, revenue officers and numerous agencies have got involved, not to help, but to inspect, check or something of the sort. We are certainly not going to just stand by and let them do all those things. We’ll carry out a very careful economic audit, even though the general picture is already clear, and we'll take a decision based on perspective. In the days to come, 2-3 weeks from now, a large package of finalised bilateral agreements will be signed; if the situation does not change after that, well then, the suspension of the Company's activities will have to be considered. For now, we wish this outcome to be averted,” he said.

“The enterprise is rendered lifeless, 700 Belarusian citizens work there, and the enterprise is in the red. This situation does not suit Transneft, naturally,” Tokarev underlined.

Transneft believes that the economic standing of its subsidiary is “artificially aggravated” by Belarussian authorities, added the Company’s President.

Adapted from TASS materials
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