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Transneft Expands Cooperation with Sverdlovsk Region Manufacturers

Date of publication: 30 June 2021

Transneft delegation led by Vice President Pavel Revel-Muroz during the examination of manufacturing facilities

A delegation of Transneft, led by Vice President of the Company Pavel Revel-Muroz, visited leading manufacturing facilities in Sverdlovsk Region. The purpose of the visit was to explore the potential and opportunities for involvement in the manufacture of products for Transneft subsidiaries, including within the import substitution programme. The delegates visited the operating facilities of Sverdlovsk Plant of Current Transformers, Prosoft Systems, Eridan.

The delegates reviewed the exposition of innovative products of the region’s industrial companies in the Universitetsky hi-tech technopark. Their potential use in the pipeline industry was discussed at the meeting by Pavel Revel-Muroz, Deputy Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Aleksey Shmykov and leading manufacturers of the region.

The specialists of Transneft informed the manufacturers about the requirements for the products procured by Transneft subsidiaries, as well as the procurement procedure. The meeting participants also discussed issues of mutually beneficial cooperation and possibilities of joint projects with Transneft. At present, the products of twelve enterprises based in Sverdlovsk Region have been included in the Core Product Types Register of Transneft.

About 97% of the equipment and materials used by Transneft subsidiaries were produced in Russia. Being a large consumer of machinery, equipment and materials, Transneft places orders with a multitude of national manufacturers, encouraging them to adhere to new, higher-quality standards. At the same time, the Company continues expanding the line-up of products crucial to the industry, which are manufactured at the Company’s own plants, including as part of the import substitution programme.

“The Company has basically completed its import substitution programme approved in 2014, having reached all of the preset targets,” said Vice President of Transneft Pavel Revel-Muroz. “By now, all of the challenges have actually been met.   The range of products supplied for the system by both own companies and third-party domestic manufacturers was expanded. Three new plants were built: to manufacture pumping equipment and electric motors, as well as drag-reducing agents.

Since 2018, Transneft has held meetings with representatives of 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with more than 240 companies capable of manufacturing technologically sophisticated equipment and materials for Transneft.

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The facilities of the Company’s subsidiaries Transneft Siberia and Transneft Kama Region employing more than 600 people are located in Sverdlovsk Region. The total investment of Transneft in the territory of Sverdlovsk Region in 2018-2020 amounted to RUB 8.6 billion. The planned volume of investments in 2021-2024 is about RUB 10.8 billion. The expected tax payments into the budget of Sverdlovsk Region will amount to RUB 435 million in 2021.

Transneft delegation led by Vice President Pavel Revel-Muroz during the examination of manufacturing facilities

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