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Gazprom Completes Full Channeling for Chayanda Crude Logistics into Pipe. Transportation to Commence in April

Date of publication: 6 April 2021

The Chayanda gas-oil condensate field is directly connected over an oil pipeline to the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system. Earlier on, motor transport was essential in the crude oil supply chain.

According to field operator at Noyabrsk Dobycha Gazprom, on Monday, specialists of the Chayanda section from the Emergency Response and Restoration Directorate have completed the works of technological connection to the Chayanda – ESPO pressure oil pipeline from the crude oil treatment plant to pig launcher No. 1 UKPG-3. Prior to that Chayanda crude had been transported to this distance by tank vehicles.

“After the oil pipeline is commissioned from the oil treatment plant to UKPG-3, the process cycle will be more complete. The system of functional oil pipelines will help optimising the hydrocarbons shipment scheme, raising the quality and speed of their transportation,” argues Gazprom’s subsidiary.

“Today the Chayanda field is indeed connected over a flowline to the ESPO Oil Gathering Facility 11 “Orgul” – between Lensk and Talakan not far from the Niuya River. The nearest settlement is Peleduy. There is a specific task planned for April: – delivery of both Gazprom Neft and Gazprom crude to the system,” Transneft executives confirmed for Interfax.

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