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Transneft Spending due to COVID-19 in 2020 Amounted to ca. RUB 2 Billion, Company Will Work Towards Mass Vaccination

Date of publication: 30 December 2020

The total spending of Transneft on counteracting the spread of COVID-19 in 2020 amounted to about RUB 2 billion, said Advisor to the monopoly’s President and Press Secretary Igor Demin in his Interfax interview.

“The amount of money for COVID-19 in 2021 is generally comparable to this year’s spending,” he added.

The key areas of expenditure as part of the implementation of anti-epidemic measures were the costs for organising personnel tests for coronavirus infection and setting up observation posts for temporary accommodation of our personnel prior to their shift,” explained the interviewee. This sum also includes the acquisition of personal protective, personal hygiene and disinfection equipment; procurement of air purifiers as well as technical means of rooms and transportation vehicles disinfection. The Company also acquired body temperature metering devices (including non-contact thermal imaging sensors). Fringes for workers to the level of their average earnings added to the temporary disability benefit paid from the Social Insurance Fund, paying an increased rotational allowance and creating autonomous operation conditions at some of the stations accounted for a significant share of the Company’s spending, he specified.

In his words, the measures of counteracting the spread of COVID-19 next year, like in this year, will be mainly financed from savings that became possible due to restrictive measures during the pandemic. This includes travelling expenses, personnel training costs, sanatorium-resort vacations, mass cultural and sports events. “It can be said that in a new challenging situation a certain balance has been found between the newly arisen unforeseen expenditures and planned spending on the events which are currently impossible to implement by virtue of some or other restrictions,” said Mr. Demin.

He also informed that the terms of getting back to normal working process directly depend on the stabilisation of the epidemiological situation, with current forecasts being rather uncertain.

The monopoly’s Press Secretary also underlined that some employees must be vaccinated. “Yes, workers of the dispatcher division, commodity and transport segment and security personnel backing life-support functions must get vaccinated,” said the interviewee. “We’ll persistently press for the mass vaccination of all employees,” he stated.

“The Company has taken timely measures to rearrange the personnel’s work regimes without any detriment to the production process of oil and petroleum products transportation; we’ve developed and are implementing a plan of risk management activities in case of negative consequences as a result of an adverse epidemiological situation,” Demin reminded. He also pointed out that no pandemic-related structural realignment is planned.

In the meantime, to the best of his knowledge, at the present time the issue of staff transfer to permanent remote operations is being worked out in relation to some professional categories: the final decision will be implemented in local regulatory acts to take into account changes in the labour law regarding remote work and operations. Press Secretary also informed that “no short workweek has been introduced so far and its introduction is not planned.”

He added that extending the shift time to 3 months coupled with the setup of the observation posts for temporary accommodation and medical examination of personnel prior to their shift has demonstrated high efficiency as this arrangement enables to maintain a favourable sanitary-epidemiological situation at operating facilities.

Despite the challenging situation in 2020, end-of-the-year rewards and benefits are included in the budget and will be paid with due regard for reaching key efficiency parameters in industrial and business operations,” Demin informed. To increase real wages, the Company takes measures to improve the system of labour remuneration in the best interests of our employees, he said. “Cutting social benefits is not planned,” the interviewee underscored.

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