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Transneft to Complete Works on Norilsk Emergency Response on 23 June

Date of publication: 19 June 2020

On 23 June, Transneft will complete works on emergency response to the petroleum products spill near Norilsk and relocate the personnel and equipment, the Company’s representative said.

“At the meeting on Friday, a demobilisation plan was adopted. In accordance with the EMERCOM plan, Transneft will completely leave the emergency site on 23 June. After that, Nornickel contractors will take up the works instead of the special teams of Transneft, the Marine Rescue Service and Gazprom Neft. As far as I know, the contractors will install separation units for subsequent separation of water from the diesel,” he said.

Following the results of the work at the emergency response site, Head of the EMERCOM of Russia Yevgeny Zinichev thanked Transneft representatives and noted that the Company had collected the largest amount of liquid from the river surface with diesel concentration of 97% and higher.

The possibility of involving pipeline troops to install a temporary pipeline is currently under discussion. It is suggested that the temporary pipeline be used to pump the separated diesel volumes to places of storage where they will be used for their intended purpose, the Company’s representative added.

Transneft Siberia rescuers that have qualification certificates and experience in emergency response, are involved in the emergency rescue operations. The tent town is made up of residential winter tents on the Ambarnaya River bank.  The Company has already completed the main phase of the emergency response measures.

Adapted from TASS and Prime materials
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